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Why You Need To Consider Ergonomics When Sewing!

Sewing Cabinets

Sewing is a fun hobby; however, it can eventually lead to body strain. Hours spent sewing can result in an uncomfortable neck or back as well as arm strain. Sewists need to consider ergonomics and choosing the well-fitted sewing cabinets and chairs to reduce any strains.

Working on quality [...]

Overcoming The Challenges Of Sewing With Napped Fabric!

Experimenting with various materials like napped fabrics can be exciting for sewing machines owners who make fun and fashionable items. Yet some napped fabrics such as fleeces, velvets, velours, and corduroys can be challenging to work with and need special handling. To overcome any challenges with these fabrics and achieve the [...]

Every Sewing Room Needs Lots of Storage!

Anyone setting up a sewing area knows that these rooms need a lot of storage space. While Arrow cabinets and other sewing cabinets provide some storage, avid seamstresses require more ways to keep supplies clean, safe, and organized. Organized storage space also helps reduce wasted time, increasing the amount of time [...]

How Do You Rip Out A Seam?

Working with sewing machines requires some practice. Understanding this, the time will definitely come when someone may need to rip out a seam to correct a mistake made when sewing. Thankfully, seam ripping is very easy to do with one of the most basic of sewing supplies and something [...]

Best Ways to Secure Straps and Ties!

Without a strong strap, any purse or bag that is made using sewing machines would be useless. Straps are an essential part of some projects, although they can be a bit tricky to master. Nylon webbing, canvas, and leather all make great choices for strong strapping material; however, if [...]