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If piles of beautiful fabrics in different colors and patterns make you drool, chances are you will go nuts for precuts. They are fun and useful collections of fabric pieces bundled together to make great projects on sewing machines like the Juki HZL F300.

Offered in a variety of cute and delicious names, these bundles off you just enough variety and yardage to complete smaller projects or even to make quilting charms and strips for stitching together on Juki sewing machines. Check out the different types of precut bundles you can find today and add delicious style to your projects.

Precuts - The Basics

Made from 100% cotton fabrics in different colors and patterns, precut fabric bundles were first available as simpler, more basic offerings. These bundles offer a variety of smaller fabric cuts in complementary palettes or pattern collections for sewists to make all kinds of projects with their sewing machines:

  • Fat Quarters and Fat Eighths - The first precut fabric bundle every sold, fat quarters measure 18” x 22” and are still the most popular bundle purchased today. These fabric cuts are called “fat” because they are squarer than a standard quarter-yard cut, which is 9” x 44.” The 18” wide fat quarter is more flexible for use in cutting quilt charms and other pattern pieces for different projects. Fat eighths are precuts that measure 9” x 22.”
  • Charm Packs and Mini Charm Packs - A quilt charm measures 5” x 5” and a mini quilt charm is 2-1/2” x 2-1/2.” Like fat quarter and fat eighth bundles, charm packs and mini charm packs offer cuts of different fabrics from the same pattern collection or various color palettes. Precut charms are excellent for quilters who want to get sewing on their Juki HZL F300 right away without having to do all the  cutting first.

Newer Precuts - The Delicious Additions

With the popularity of quarter bundles and charm packs skyrocketing among sewists making a variety of projects on their Juki sewing machines, some fabric manufacturers have taken this idea to tasty new lengths. The latest in new creatively named and bundled packs offer a wider variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and pieces for a wider variety of projects:  

  • Layer Cakes - These are coordinated bundles made from larger 10” x 10” charms that can be used to make quilt squares and projects that require larger pieces of fabric.
  • Dessert Rolls and Jelly Rolls - Dessert rolls are precut 5” x 44” fabric strips of coordinating colors and patterns arranged into a cute layered roll that is tied with ribbons. These cuts are great for strip quilting, wide borders, and many other projects. Jelly rolls contain thinner 2-1/2” x 44” precut strips that are perfect for making custom tape borders.
  • Honey Buns - Although not quite as popular as the jelly roll, the honey bun is a roll of 1-1/2” x 44” precut strips that make a perfect 1” strip when stitched using a ¼” seam. They are perfect for strip quilting, making finer tape borders, and any project that can benefit from a thinner strip of color or pattern to dress it up.
  • Hexagon and Turnover Bundles - The newest charm bundle precut offering, hexagon packs consist of 6” point to point hexagonal charms and triangles and are perfect half-square charms. The beauty in using these precuts is that they are cut perfectly accurate, eliminating the problems associated with cutting improper angles.

Whether you enjoy quilting or like to make bags, clothing, or other useful items with sewing machines, precut bundles make using a variety of fabric colors and patterns easy. Precut bundles like fat quarters, layer cakes, jelly rolls, and turnovers allow you to add flair to designs you sew on Juki sewing machines like the Juki HZL F300. You don't have the cost of buying larger lengths of fabric to cut down and will end up with less. Are you hungry yet?

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