If you have read our last blog, then you already know that even a cheap sewing machine cabinet can help you stay a lot more organized while you sew. Are you looking for even more organizational tools to help you to keep all of your sewing gear in order? If so, you are in luck! Our experts have come up with the following list of 5 creative ideas to help you to organize your sewing room like never before:

  • Use clear containers- You can grab some mason jars or any other clear containers to store your ribbons, buttons, etc. Why use a clear container? Two reasons: a) they look fabulous, and b) you will be able to quickly find and grab whatever you need!
  • Reuse an old CD rack- Has your iPod rendered your CD collection obsolete? There is no reason to get rid of your CD rack, because it is the perfect place to store your folded fabrics.
  • Enjoy tangle-free spools- A great way to keep the tangles out of your spools is to place them in a jar, create a small hole in the lid with a nail, and run your thread through the hole. Not only will these little jars keep your spools tangle-free, but they will also give your room some added color and personality.
  • Keep it decorative!- Organization doesn’t have to be boring, it can be decorative. Decorate your jars, paint your cabinet, or use cute baskets as containers!
  • Utilize a bulletin board- A bulletin board is a great place for you to keep the projects you’re currently working on, and the best part is, when your project is in plain sight, you won’t have a chance to forget about it.