When you first start out, sewing in a straight line can seem downright impossible. You’ve organized your sewing machine cabinet, purchased a brand new sewing machine, and you have gotten all of your supplies in order, but attempting to sew in a straight line is so frustrating that you are tempted to give up, even after everything you’ve already done! Luckily, our experts have come up with these 5 tips to help you sew in a straight line like the pros:

  1. Use a seam guide- A good seam guide is your secret weapon when you want to sew in a straight line! Seam guides will not only help you to keep your seam straight, but they can also help you to accurately follow the edge of your material.
  2. Watch the guide, not the needle- Watching the needle is a mistake that many people make. The needle is constantly moving, so if you try to watch it, there is no way you’ll get a straight line. Instead, watch the guide!
  3. Use the right needles- You want to make sure that your needle can completely penetrate the fabric you are working with, otherwise you will end up with a crooked stitch.
  4. Control your speed- When you are first starting out, it is much better to sew slowly and deliberately. When you go too fast, you are much more likely to make mistakes and end up with a crooked stitch.
  5. Practice makes perfect- No matter how carefully you attempt to sew a straight line, chances are, it won’t turn out perfectly the first time you do it. Practice as much as you can, and sooner or later, you will be able to sew a straight line every time!