A key to creating great items with a Janome 660 sewing machine is having a great space to use it. Working in a cramped or messy environment takes its toll on any project, leaving sewers disappointed in their results. This is why everyone needs a dedicated room or crafting space that includes at least one essential piece of sewing furniture, namely a large, functional sewing cabinet. Consider these tips to create a great sewing space and benefit from better sewing.

Make Some Rules

Begin by finding a room or space to designate for sewing, then make some house rules about it. These spaces need to stay clean and organized, which might mean keeping children and pets out. Doing so can also reduce the chance that any equipment could be damaged or someone could get hurt from the many sharp sewing supplies.

  • Start With Enough Workspace - A good sewing space requires large surfaces to spread out projects to work with ease and in comfort. A sewing cabinet with a large, open worktable is one important item that every room should have. A large crafting table with a cutting mat is also important to lay out fabric and make precise cuts. Add a few storage pieces and any sewing room can be a pleasurable work area.
  • Find the Most Comfortable Layout - Before bringing in all the supplies or even setting up a sewing machine like the Janome 660 in the cabinet, start out by moving the furniture around the room to find the most comfortable layout. Comfort and convenience are key, so put things where they feel most natural.
  • Install Good Lighting - After deciding on the layout of all the sewing furniture and storage pieces, consider whether the area has enough lighting. If not, install some overhead lighting around the machine and over the table to ensure proper lighting. This will reduce mistakes as well as eye strain.
  • Organize Everything - After setting up all the furniture, create an organization system for patterns, supplies, and notions, since most sewists do have a lot of them. Good organization will help get the most from the space, reduce time wasted searching for things, and keep the space tidy.
  • Keep Essentials Close By - Although everything should have its own place within the room, organize so the essentials stay close by where they most get used. Keep a small supplies caddy in or near the sewing cabinet and by the worktable. Include items like fabric scissors, cutting wheels, fabric markers, tape measures, and the instructional manual for the sewing machine.
  • Properly Store Fabric - Getting the best results with any pattern involves the proper care and storage of the fabric. For those who have a collection of beautiful fabrics just waiting to be used, designate a shelving unit and some storage bins to safely store it all and prevent it from getting dusty or dirty. Clear bins or cabinets with glass doors make ideal choices for storing and even displaying fabrics.
  • Fill the Space With Inspiration - After laying out the room and outfitting it with all the necessary sewing furniture, storage, and lighting, fill the walls with prints and photos that will inspire creativity.

A comfortable, clean space with a great sewing cabinet and other essential sewing furniture is essential for avid crafters who spend a lot of time working on their machines. With a dedicated room set up and organized in just the right way, anyone can get the most from their Janome 660 in a delightful and creative atmosphere!

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