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Making fun and useful projects on sewing machines like the Janome 8200 QCP is easy to do once you learn how to use your machine. The more you practice with Janome sewing machines, the more your sewing will improve and you can try more challenging projects.

If you want to quickly improve your sewing skills, pay attention to these nine tips that can help you learn and develop the best habits for great-looking projects.

1. Watch, Read, and Learn

The best way to learn how to use sewing machines and perfect your skills is from others. There are countless books to read so you can learn valuable techniques and just as many videos online demonstrating them. Discover all you can from these resources and incorporate what you have studied into your sewing.

2. Measure and Cut Carefully

One of the easiest ways to ruin a project before you have even started sew is by cutting out the pieces wrong. Make accurate cuts by lightly pressing your pattern paper first so it is completely spread out, then measuring twice before you cut. Use a rotary cutter or sharp fabric scissors and cut slowly to prevent mistakes.

3. Understand Fabric Grain

Fabric has a right direction and a wrong one. Cutting fabric the wrong way can affect the way the finished project lays or even how the pieces match up. Learn about grain and how to find it on each different type of fabric so you can cut the material correctly according to your pattern instructions.

4. Prewash and Press

Two details that are easy to forget but make a huge difference in projects made on Janome sewing machines is pre-washing and pressing the fabric while you sew. Always prewash to prevent shrinkage problems later. Press the seams to ensure your project comes together correctly. These small efforts will ensure your creations turn out exactly as expected.

5. Finish Your Seams

As tempting as it is to leave inside seams unfinished, get into the habit of finishing them in some way. Even if all you do is add a zigzag stitch to the seam allowances, doing so will prevent the seams from falling apart because of fraying. Your projects will also look much neater.

6. Have the Right Tools and Supplies

Build a sewing kit that contains the tools and supplies you most need and are the highest quality yet affordable. Keep your supplies close to your Janome 8200 QCP so you have easy access when you need them. You will notice better results from improved accuracy when you use the right tools.   

7. Pay Attention To The Needle

A dull or wrong needle can cause many problems. Learn about the various types of needles and always select the one designed for the fabric you are using. Check your needle before you start a new project to make sure it is not bent or dull and replace it if necessary.

8. Take Your Time

Rushing projects made on Janome sewing machines increases the chance you will make mistakes. Pay proper attention to measuring and cutting your fabric and sew slowly to keep your stitching straight and accurate.

9. Keep Your Machine Clean

Make sure your machine is functioning properly by keeping it clean. Brush or wipe it off after each use and keep it covered when not in use. Take the needle plate off frequently to remove lint from underneath and to keep your bobbin operating smoothly. Regular cleaning only takes a few minutes and can prevent your machine from malfunctioning or breaking down.

As simple as these tips may seem, they can make a big difference in the results you get from your personal sewing machine. Learn the best habits and techniques from experienced sewists so that everything you make on Janome sewing machines like the Janome 8200 QCP turns out perfectly each time!

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