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Quilting with quilting machines like the Juki TL2010Q is a fun way to use colorful fabrics with all sorts of patterns. Yet choosing the fabric you want to use for your project can be somewhat challenging and time consuming. Before you get too confused with all of your choices, try the easy formula below for selecting colors and patterns that will come together nicely. When chosen correctly, your fabrics will look cohesive once they are cut and then stitched on your Juki quilting machine!

Pick the Main Fabric

Start by choosing the main fabric for your quilt. You will base all your other selections around this fabric. You may have a stash of fabric that you have been dying to use for a project on your Juki TL2010Q or you may have seen some material in the fabric store that you fell in love with.

Whether you enjoy a fabric for its color or its pattern, use it as your main selection gauge from this point forward. Just ensure you have enough fabric on hand or can buy enough for the way you want to use it in your quilting project.

Choose A Color Palette

Once you have selected the main fabric to use, build a color palette around it. There are all different types of color palettes you can select, from complimentary colors in triadic color schemes to analogous color schemes or even monochromatic schemes.

This may sound confusing and you may wonder what these technical color terms have to do with sewing projects on Juki quilting machines. Yet picking colors that correspond in the right ways according to your starting fabric is very important. Fortunately, there are a number of color scheme selection and selection tools online that can help you.

Simply choose a base color from your main fabric, then experiment with various color schemes and combinations until you find one you like and seems well-matched to the fabric. You can choose to work with two, three, four, or more, easily creating great combinations that will go together for projects sewn on quilting machines.

Choose Your Patterns

After deciding on a color scheme, the fun part begins. Look for patterned fabrics that include your chosen colors and correspond to the idea you have for your project. You can really get creative at this point and choose patterns based on a theme or that are very different provided they are at least connected by their color scheme.

You may want one pattern to use for your quilt block borders or multiple patterns to use in creating your blocks. Whether you choose one or many patterns, by matching them to your color scheme you can reduce your choices enough to avoid being overwhelmed.

Before you select fabric for the next project you want to make on your Juki TL2010Q, try the techniques referenced above. By choosing a starting point and building colors and patterns around it, you can save time and effort and get started using your Juki quilting machine more quickly. Using this method can help you wade through all your options and make great fabric choices since creating things on quilting machines should be fun, not stressful!

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