Sewing is so much fun, but when you are just starting out it can be very intimidating. Not only do you have to master new techniques, learn about your new sewing machine that you got on sale, and figure out how to read patterns, but you also have to learn a whole new set of terms that can feel pretty foreign if you aren’t used to them. Sew Vac Direct is here to save the day! We have come up with this beginner’s guide to common sewing terms:

  • Applique- When you applique something, you are attaching a smaller piece of fabric to a larger one. This can be done using your machine, hand sewing, or even gluing.
  • Easing- This happens when you are sewing a couple of fabrics together, and one turns out to be shorter than the other. You will then take the longer fabric, gently gather it together, and fit it to the shorter edge.
  • Seam allowance- Seam allowance refers to the width of your seam, and it can be measured from the edge of the fabric to the stitch.
  • Fabric grain- The direction that the threads in your fabric are woven together. If the grain is straight, it runs parallel to the finished edge of the fabric (the selvage). If it is a cross grain, it runs perpendicular to the finished edge of the fabric.

Would you love learn about more common sewing terms you are likely to run into? If so, stay tuned for our next blog!