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Believe it or not, sewing something as simple as a straight line with a sewing machine can be a lot more challenging than it may seem. Sometimes, no matter how much you eyeball it, the needle on your Janome 2212 makes a wavy stitch that looks unattractive on your sewn project.

Well, here is some good news! You can make a straight line using various specialty presser feet. Those listed below are used on Janome sewing machines; other types of sewing machines and presser feet may have other variations than those shown below.

Quarter Inch Seam Presser Foot

The quarter inch foot helps stitch nice, straight lines by simply keeping the fabric aligned with the flange at the bottom of the foot. It is also commonly included as a standard presser foot with Janome sewing machines. For uses other than quilting, you will want to make at least a ⅝-inch seam or larger. In these cases, try one of the options below.

Ditch Quilting Presser Foot

Although the ditch quilting presser foot is only useful for stitching over an already made seam, it does make doing so easier than using a standard foot. This attachment has a thin metal extension on the bottom that slides right into the existing seam, holding the fabric and foot aligned so your stitches are perfectly placed in the ditch each time.

If you want the capabilities of straight stitching in the ditch with the ability to make crisp, quarter-inch seams, there is a quilting foot set that includes both.

Edge Guide Presser Foot

The edge guide presser foot works like the quarter inch foot does, only it is adjustable to whatever size seam you want to make. Stitching is done with your fabric lined up against the flange at the bottom of the foot. Since it is adjustable in small millimeter increments, this attachment is very useful for edge stitching on narrow parts such as garment straps.

Sliding Guide Presser Foot

Expanding on the idea of the edge guide foot, the sliding guide foot has a greater adjustment for sewing straight lines with Janome sewing machines, and has a locking mechanism to lock your adjustment into place.

It can be adjusted from ⅜-inch to over one inch, has millimeter and inch marks, and provides a solid edge to slide your fabric along to keep things nice and straight.

Border Guide Presser Foot

There is nothing worse than choosing a great decorative stitch on your Janome 2212 to use as a border or some other type of embellishment, only to have the entire thing turn out wavy. To prevent this from happening, you can use a border guide presser foot.

Use the guide marks on the clear wings of the attachment to line up your fabric so the decorative stitch is nice and straight. If you want to add multiple rows of stitching side-by-side, simply use the guides to line up to your first row in order to keep the next row straight as well.

Before becoming frustrated when trying to stitch a straight line, get the help you need with one of the great presser feet referenced above. They are an easy and affordable solution to the straight stitching dilemma and designed for use on all Janome sewing machines. Whether you are quilting or making garments on a sewing machine like the versatile Janome 2212, make it easier with the right straight-sewing presser foot!

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