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Sewists who find they spend more and more time working with their sewing machines typically run into a common problem. Necessary supplies can collect all over, quickly turning any dining room into a messy project area.

When this starts to happen, it is time to find a dedicated area to set up your Janome sewing machine to have a tidy and organized workspace. Arrow sewing cabinets are a great choice whether you are working with a basic Janome 2212 or a more advanced machine. With a little time and the right accessories, even the smallest areas of a home can become a great sewing space.

Start With A Clean Up

Before attempting to set up a new working area, take a few minutes to look through sewing supplies, fabric, and accessories and take stock of everything you have. Purge unneeded items that are just taking up space. Whether this means patterns you will likely never make, fabric scraps too small to use for anything, or parts for sewing machines you no longer have, get rid of the excess or store it away. That will help keep your work area as neat and organized as possible.

Find the Right Cabinet

A sewing cabinet is a great addition when setting up Janome sewing machines and organizing a workspace. Arrow sewing cabinets are available in multiple sizes and designs to fit your specific work area. Find a cabinet that fits comfortably in the designated place, whether it is a spare bedroom or the corner of the living room.  A cabinet should provide enough storage based on the size of your working area.

You should select a cabinet that can be adjusted to the right height to avoid back, shoulder, and neck pain when seated for longer periods.

Arrange Space

Once a cabinet has been chosen and your Janome 2212 set up, arrange it in your workspace where it is most convenient and allows the best use of the remaining area. If you have other items like a cutting table, pressing station, or shelving units to set up, arrange them so they are easiest spot to use and access while making efficient use of the space.

While arranging, think about how all supplies and accessories can be best organized as this might affect how your furniture is arranged.

Organize Sewing Needs

When you start organizing sewing needs, consider the space you are working with, the size and position of the sewing cabinet and furnishings, and all supplies and accessories. Think of different options to maximize the space before putting it all in whatever bins are handy.

Decide which items to store in the cabinet, what items to keep accessible, and which ones to organize and store away. Buy the bins, tins, baskets, and shelves needed that fit in your space, then stow away all items.

Every sewist needs a clean, organized space in which to work with sewing machines like the Janome 2212. When the time comes to dedicate an area of your home to work, the tips above will help make the most of the space. By using Arrow sewing cabinets that accommodate Janome sewing machines or other brands, an area can be organized so you can work in quiet and comfort to get the most from your sewing time!

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