Have you ever been working on a quilt or some other larger project and ended up so frustrated because you had to stuff it through the too-small throat area of a standard-sized sewing machine?

If you have, welcome to the Janome Continental M7 with its extra-large throat length designed to solve that problem!

Throat length is one of those details that many sewists forget to think about when buying a machine; however, if when working with large pieces of fabric, it’s more important than you think.

Choose a Janome sewing model with a longer length that can handle all that fabric with ease for frustration-free sewing!

What Is Throat Length?

Throat length is the open area between the main body of the sewing machine and the right side of the needle position.

It’s the space under the machine arm where the bulk of the fabric being sewn slides through while the needle is working.

Standard Versus Extra-Large Throat Length

The throat length on the average-sized personal sewing machine usually ranges from 9 to 11 or 12 inches, which is considered standard.

Some machines such as those well-designed Janome sewing machines boast larger throat lengths of up to 15 inches or so, offering more working space for sliding fabric through the opening.

Machines in the 16 to 18 inch range are many times sold as midarm quilting and sewing machines.

Those that have a throat length of 18 up to 21 inches or more are considered longarm machines and are generally used for quilting.

What Are the Advantages of A Longer Throat Length?

The main reason why longer throat length is preferable on any type of sewing machine is for the space it provides to slide larger pieces of fabric through the machine.

Whether working on a quilt, a bulky set of drapes, or any other project where you have to pass large amounts of fabric through the throat opening, longer throat space makes it easier to do without having to constantly shift, push, or roll the excess fabric.

Other Benefits?

A machine like the Janome Continental M7 with a longer arm and longer throat length also has a longer, larger flatbed to work with.

This may not matter so much if you have a machine cabinet to use; however, for those that don’t it makes flatbed sewing more comfortable with a machine set on a tabletop.

A longer throat length also makes using a sewing machine for free motion stitching easier as it provides more open space to the right of the needle for turning and shifting the fabric under it.

With more space under the sewing arm, the fabric doesn’t bunch as easily and there’s less chance that stitch quality will be affected by fabric that’s being forced through a small space.

It’s the extra-large throat length that makes longarm quilting machines so versatile, whether set in a cabinet or on a quilting frame.

Choose A Longer Throat Length for Larger Projects

If you enjoy sewing larger projects or frequently work with bulkier fabric, a sewing machine that has a longer throat length is an ideal choice.

Whether you choose a standard model with an extra-long throat like the 13.5” Janome Continental M7 or opt for a midarm or even a longarm machine, the more space available under the arm and to the right of the needle, the smoother your sewing will be!