Modern day advances are pushing the art of sewing in several different directions. One of them would be the direction of at-home stitching. This form of stitching has progressively given rise to the artform of sewing itself, as creativity has skyrocketed in this area immensely over the past few decades. This means that the growing aspect of sewing has started to reach out onto other platforms of designership and craftsmanship, ultimately furthering the amount and kind of work someone can do from their own home.

One of the best ways to pursue these broad nuances of creativity, is to began by purchasing a sewing machine tablefrom us. One of our most popular and widely used tables is our Inspira Folding Sewing Table in Sunset Oak by Horn of America, as it has many creative features:

  • Its dimensions are long and deep enough to handle all sorts of projects and types of stitches (41¾” W x 19½” D x 27¼” H (31″ open)
  • Its dimensions are made to support large amounts of materials during a large project
  • It has a very classy and sophisticated look to its overall appeal
  • Fits into most freearm and flatbed machines, mostly household
  • The adjustable sewing surface height it has allows for a better yield
  • The melamine mar-resistant surface provides extra protection
  • It has rounded corners that are great for providing extra safety and will keep you from snagging yourself on the edges
  • Surprisingly, it is very lightweight and is easy for moving from one room to another