Fabric has been valued all over the world for thousands of years, ever since people learned how to weave it. There are countless types of fabric made using many different techniques for both hand sewing and stitching with sewing machines.

Like anything else, certain fabrics originating from specific places are considered to be some of the best. If you’re looking for great fabric to use with Juki sewing machines like the Juki HZL-DX5, consider buying fabric from these countries.


Known especially for its exquisite knits and crochets, Italy is home to some of the highest quality cotton, linen, wool, and silk, especially those originating from the regions of Tuscany and Bergamo.

Italian fabrics have been valued throughout the world since the 19th century. More recently, many of the mills in Italy are now using innovative weaving and knitting techniques to create luxurious fabrics that can make anything created on sewing machines look beautiful.


Turkey is famous for its beautiful woven brocades and damasks made from silk, velvet, and other quality fibers. These heavier fabrics are frequently textured and used as floor coverings, draperies, and other home decor items, all of which you can sew yourself using quality Juki sewing machines.

Available in striking geometrics and traditional patterns, Turkish textiles also include raised pattern vinyl fabrics and other luxurious woven and piled fabrics to use.


If you are looking for beautifully embroidered fabrics or those embellished with beads, lace, and other trimmings, look to India. Home of some of the most beautiful hand and machine woven satin Jacquards, Indian fabrics are made in a rainbow of colors and many different color palettes and traditional patterns.

Indian fabrics are favorites for making the traditional saris, wedding dresses, formal wear, and lavish home decor items.


Silk from China is different than all other silk and thought to be the highest quality in the world. The big difference in this fabric is the type of silkworms used to harvest the silk. Cultivated for centuries to yield longer and stronger silk fibers, these special silkworms produce silk that is meticulously woven into soft, shiny, and durable fabric unlike any other silk available today.


Due to the unique processes used to produce it, the denim made in Japan is considered by many to be the best to use for clothing and other items you might sew with a Juki HZL-DX5. Woven mainly from Pima cotton, Japanese denim is usually heavier in weight than many inferior types of denim and has a distinctive appearance.

Because it is still woven using old looms, the weave is slightly coarser, many times with imperfections that give the fabric a characteristic look. Denim mills also use a unique dying process to create a wide variety of intense colors and hues.


Famous for its embroidered fabrics used in traditional Joseonot and Hanbock styled garments, Korea has become a renowned producer of high-quality polyester and poly-cotton blends. Milled using processes that create fabrics with the sheen and metallic look of jacquard, Korean polyesters have become a world favorite when a striking appearance is desired.

When you spend time making beautiful garments using Juki sewing machines like the Juki HZL-DX5, you want the best results you can possibly get. While these International fabrics may cost a bit more, they can turn an ordinary item sewn on sewing machines into a high-fashion designer garment!

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