All types of sewing require certain important supplies to make the job easier. Sewing with quilting machines is no different. For those interested in learning to quilt on a machine like the Juki Exceed HZL F600, it is important to get everything set up ahead of time with the right quilting supplies. A well-equipped sewing kit will make creating beautiful projects easier and less frustrating.

A Large Workspace

Quilts get very large once they start to come together. To avoid damaging a project or getting it dirty while it is being worked on as well as avoid crooked lines or inaccurate measurements, it is important to have a large, well-lit work area. Invest in a large folding table or crafters table. Add a nice big cutting mat for a convenient workspace that will prevent mistakes and damage.

A Rotary Wheel and Cutting Mat

As mentioned above, a large self-healing cutting mat is another essential on the list of quilting supplies, along with a quality rotary cutting wheel. Before any project gets to the point of being sewn on quilting machines like the Juki Exceed HZL F600, many small fabric pieces may be cut. Rotary wheels make the process less tedious by cleanly cutting through multiple layers of fabric at a time. A rotary wheel with an ergonomic handle is especially useful to prevent hand strain.

Rulers and Templates

Along with the rotary wheel and cutting mat, a set of transparent rulers for measuring and marking fabric pieces is essential, along with some quilting templates. Templates are like clear rulers but available in various shapes and sizes to mark and cut angles, circles, and other fabric pieces efficiently.  

Patchwork Scissors

No sewing kit is complete without a good set of fabric shears. Yet quilters might find a set of patchwork scissors useful in their box of quilting supplies as well. These smaller scissors are typically used for snipping threads during sewing and for hand cutting small fabric pieces.

Quilting Pins

All sewers need pins; however, there are different types of pins for different uses. Quilting pins are about two inches in length and made to gently slide through layers of fabric, making them very easy to use. With big, boldly colored heads, these pins also stand out from colorful fabric so they can be easily spotted and not left behind.

A Quilting Iron

Correctly sewing many small fabric pieces together means making sure they are all flat and free of wrinkles. Ironing is an important step before assembling pieces on quilting machines. Although a regular iron will suffice, this smaller and specialized iron is much more convenient to use. Quilting irons are lighter, with a smaller ironing head, making them ideal for pressing many small pieces of fabric and getting into tight corners.

One-Quarter Inch Presser Foot

Of all the specialized tools required for making beautiful pieced and patchwork projects, none is more important or useful than a quarter inch presser foot. Also known as a quilting foot, this presser foot is smaller than a universal foot and is sized to aid in sewing perfect quarter inch seams. The quarter inch presser foot also includes various marks to guide sewing and indicate where to stop stitching for neat and tidy seams when joining many fabric squares together.

Sewing beautiful projects using quilting machines like the Juki Exceed HZL F600 Quilt Pro Special can be a lot of fun. Like all other types of sewing, it is important to have the right tools available. By using the essential quilting supplies noted above, anyone can get through each part of the quilting process with ease and finish an impressive, handmade design!

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