Ruffles and gathers done with a sewing machine can be the perfect finishing touch for dresses, skirts, baby clothing, and even some home decor.

While each one can be made using a specific sewing machine presser foot accessory designed to do just that, it’s no secret that a ruffler presser foot can look pretty intimidating.

So what should a sewist in search of great ruffles for their projects made with a Luova SC1618 sewing machine do to get that fluffy, ruffled look?

You could always opt to add a gathering foot to your sewing machine supplies to add a comparable finish or you could bite the bullet and learn how to use that ruffler foot, which looks a lot scarier than it actually is!

Ruffles and Gathers - Similar but Different

Ruffles and gathers are both techniques that involve bunching and pleating fabric so it’s attached more condensed at the seam, yet opens up to waves of fabric below the stitch line.

Although the finished results can look very similar, the sewing machine accessories used to make each type work differently.

While gathers are typically used as a way to compress fabric often around a waistline in a non-uniform, moveable pleat, ruffles are uniform and fixed, which is a great choice for hemlines and finishing fabric edges.

In other words, although you could chicken out and make gathers where you really want ruffles, it may not look exactly the way the pattern was designed.

What is a simple answer? Relax and learn how to use your ruffler foot with your sewing machine!

Make Beautiful, Fluffy Ruffles

When you know for sure that it’s a ruffle you want, it’s time to add that scary-looking ruffler contraption to your sewing supplies kit and then show it who’s boss because the great news is that it won’t be as challenging as you probably think it will.

Get your ruffler foot, put it on your Luova SC1618, then get ready to make some beautiful ruffles.

Your ruffler foot is adjustable and can be configured to make ruffles of different widths and frequency to suit your project.

Although adjusting the foot to make perfect ruffles is easy, understandably it initially looks like it must take a degree in rocket science to do so!

  • Pleat Length Adjustment - You should see three numbers and a star stamped into the top lever on the presser foot, usually a 1, 6, and 12 which indicate the number of stitches that will be sewn between each pleat. A ruffle with 1 stitch between each tiny, thin pleat will make a fuller ruffle, while one with 12 stitches between each longer pleat will make a looser ruffle. The star means no pleats will be made, just a regular straight stitch.
  • Stitch Length Adjustment - The second way to adjust the length of the pleats sewn by the ruffler foot is by adjusting your machine’s stitch length using the normal stitch adjustment function. A shorter stitch means the pleats will be closer together and a longer stitch means they will be further apart.

By adjusting stitch length after choosing a pleat length, you can fine-tune your sewing machine to get the exact sized ruffles you want for your project.

Got Your Ruffler Foot All Adjusted?

Once your ruffler foot is on, give it a try at the different adjustment settings to get the hang of this peculiar sewing accessory.

Just sew the fabric on your Luova SC1618 sewing machine like you normally would and let the presser foot do the work.

With a little bit of trial and error, you can make the exact ruffles you want and eliminate any intimidation you may have felt for that particular part of your sewing machine supplies.

You may even find your ruffler foot to be so much fun, you’ll be looking for more places to add ruffles to your projects!

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