In this 2-part series about arranging your sewing space, the first article discussed the creation of useful space for sewing machines. We discussed the three main types of work furnishings you need for a great sewing space and how to position them.

Once your cabinets and workstations are comfortably arranged, arrange additional storage for all the supplies you need to make beautiful things with Juki sewing machines. When you make a place for everything and keep it all neat and organized, sewing on machines like the Juki HZL-DX5 will be a breeze.

Large Storage

With your main sewing room components set in place, look around at the remaining space available for setting up everything else. If you’re like most sewists who spend hours on end working with their sewing machines, you’ve collected many sewing supplies and accessories. The goal is to arrange these things by first deciding on larger storage pieces that you can compliment with smaller ones.

Keep in mind the types and amount of storage you need and work up the best plan to organize with the fewest pieces to keep your room clutter-free:

  • Look at wall space, free corners, and any available closet space determine where you can fit certain types of storage furnishings.
  • Use tall shelves along a full wall or half-shelves under a window. Corner or L-shaped units make great use of empty corners.
  • Make the best use of any closet with tall shelves or a closet organizer that you can customize as needed.
  • Don’t forget about putting wall shelves up above your other components to make good use of that empty high wall space.

Small Storage

Once you have your large storage areas set up, now comes the fun part of arranging a sewing space by putting in all small storage and organizing accessories and supplies for Juki sewing machines:

  • Totes and Bins - Available in so many colors and sizes, you can use plastic storage totes and bins for just about anything. Choose larger, clear totes for storing fabric and other bigger items at the bottom of shelves or in your closet. Use smaller ones of all sizes for other supplies. Small totes and hobby bins are great for pins, buttons, bobbins, notions, Juki HZL-DX5 sewing machine parts, and other essentials right within the storage space you may have in your sewing cabinet.
  • Decorative Boxes and Baskets - Even if you use plastic bins in your closets or other hidden places, you can do wonders with decorative storage baskets and boxes on your shelves. They offer you a more stylish, attractive look while being great containers for all your things. Use baskets or shelf-size boxes to organize patterns or fabric; use decorative hat boxes on the top shelves to contain other less used items. Pick a theme or style and coordinate all of the small storage so your room looks great.
  • Specialty Storage - There are so many small items you need to find a place for, so be creative with your small storage ideas. Consider mounting a bulletin board on the wall near your cutting station; mount pins and clamps to hang rulers, scissors, and other tools. Hang small baskets off the edges of wall shelves. Mount a pegboard as a thread organizer or to hang other things. Line your shelves with glass jars containing notions and other small items. The sky’s the limit when it comes to that final, smallest storage once you have all the main components arranged in your room.

It may take some time to pull it all together, arranging and organizing your sewing space for your sewing machines and other sewing needs. Once you do, you'll be so happy working on your Juki HZL-DX5. The right furnishings for Juki sewing machines combined with right types and amount of storage for supplies mean a clean, organized place to create beautiful things!

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