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Quilts are works of fabric art, whether completed using sewing machines or hand stitched. Many prefer to completed their quilt by hand with a single needle and thread; others enjoy working on quilting machines like the Juki Exceed HZL F400 Quilt Pro.

Although some quilting purists might argue this point, there is nothing wrong with using a machine. Regardless of how it is done, the end result is what matters the most.

Hand Stitching - Not for Everyone

There is a lot to be said for a beautiful quilt that has been painstakingly stitched together by hand over many weeks. This technique has been used for centuries, long before the advent of sewing machines. Yet hand stitching is not for everyone and interested quilters should not be afraid to use a machine to complete their quilt project.

The truth is that hand quilting takes a good deal of practice or the results can end up looking untidy and lacking the sense of accomplishment that often comes with these impressive projects. Every craft requires time spent learning about it; however, some individuals simply do not have an easy time with hand stitching for a variety of reasons.

Some people become skilled with their needle and thread yet still prefer to work with quilting machines so they can see their results faster. There really is no wrong or right when it comes to hand or machine stitching; it is all about personal preference.

Quilting Machines - A Lot to Love

Regardless of the reason, those who are drawn to use machines like the Juki Exceed HZL F400 Quilt Pro can excel at it, just as some can excel using just needle and thread. Quilting machines certainly have their own learning curve; however, once a quilter learns how to use these machines, the sky is the limit.

More advanced quilters may graduate to long arm models, which offer their own challenges just as hand stitching does. In either case, the results can give a feeling of pride no matter how the quilt was made.

Quilting Machines - Getting the Best Results

Like any sewing machines, quilting machines help create beautiful quilted works of art. Getting the best results from any machine involves following a few easy tips to include the following:

  • Correct Set Up - Sewists should begin by setting up their machine at the right height on a sewing cabinet or other large workspace and have access to a comfortable and adjustable chair. Good lighting is a must, as is having the right supplies such as pins, threaded bobbins, and a fully equipped cutting station.
  • Accessories - It is important to choose the right accessories, from high quality needles and strong cotton thread to the right presser feet to make the stitching process easier. After a little experience, try different threads and stitches to find what works best.
  • Practice Important Techniques - Even though machine quilting involves just a few basic techniques, it is important to practice them just as you would with hand stitching. Learn how to use the right presser feet, how to adjust the feed dogs, and how to use any unique quilting stitches. Work through any problems or challenges to learn how to avoid them the next time. Most importantly, become skilled at using the machine and everything else will follow as a result.

With all due respect to the purists out there, there really is nothing wrong with creating quilts using sewing machines like the Juki Exceed HZL F400 Quilt Pro. Those new to the craft are encouraged to try hand stitching if it appeals to them. If not, start off by learning how to use quilting machines. The joy is in the process of creating, no matter how it happens!

Juki Exceed HZL-F400 Quilt Pro Computerized Sewing Machine

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Juki Exceed HZL-F400 Show Model Quilt Pro Computerized Sewing Machine

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