Sergers are sewing machines that work slightly differently than standard models. Even though the same results can be achieved on a standard machine based on the types of garments being sewn, many may find serger sewing machines worthwhile investments. To get the best results from models such as the Janome 8002D, users should have a good understanding of what these units do and when they can be most useful.

What Is A Serger and Is It Needed to Make Clothing?

Serger sewing machines are useful for one main purpose: to create strong, attractive garment seams quickly and easily. As fabric passes under the presser foot, it is folded, stitched, and trimmed in one effort, reducing much of the labor involved in making professional seams. Sergers stitches with two to five needles, offering important options for joining knits and other stretchy fabrics as well as adding flexibility to less stretchy fabrics.

Although technically any standard sewing machine can be used to create the types of seams referenced above, serger models are faster and more effective. They produce stronger, more professional-looking seams, such as those found on a factory-made garment. Still, a serger cannot be used for plain stitching like a regular sewing machine and makes the most sense for those with an actual need for such units.

Serging with Multiple Threads

One of the most important features that models like the Janome 8002D Serger offer is the ability to stitch with more than one thread to create the right seam. Some models offer two or three thread serging, while others offer serging with as many as five threads. By using two or more threads, the machine can overlock and generate other safety stitches that will not unravel, which also prevents the edges of the fabric from unraveling. This is especially useful with knits and fine materials that are more difficult to sew together.

Using more threads also widens the seam, increasing its strength and flexibility. Five thread sergers create a seam that combines the qualities of the overlock stitch and important flexibility into one, producing a seam identical to those found on professionally sewn garments. Some serger sewing machines also have a cover stitch option which is used for cuffs, collars, and other edges that look double-sewn from the top, while the seam itself remains neatly tucked inside or underneath.

Differential Feed Capability

Another important feature that makes sergers unique is their differential fabric feed capabilities. This means the stitching speed can be adjusted to create a number of effects through the seam itself, eliminating the need for attachments or other techniques. By adjusting the differential feed, it is possible to create gathers and ruffles as well as properly sewn knit fabrics that are not stretched during stitching. While it is possible to do all of these things on standard sewing machines, the techniques are easier when done on a serger.

Serger sewing machines like the Janome 8002D make creating strong, attractive, and professional seams easy. Not everyone needs one of these models; however, for those who frequently make clothing, sergers make the process easier and produce much better results!

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