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If you are like most sewists, you cannot wait to get your pattern pieces cut out so you can sit down behind your Janome 2212 and start stitching. As excited as you may be to start a new project, haste can definitely make waste when it comes to sewing machines and all that expensive fabric you work with.

This is where the label on the fabric bolt comes in. Before you cut any fabric or stitch anything on your Janome sewing machine, learn the value of the bolt label and what it can tell you.

What Is A Bolt Label?

A bolt label is the printed label that appears on the end of every bolt or roll of mass-produced fabric. This label provides useful information about the specific fabric on each bolt. For the best results when making projects either sewn by hand or on sewing machines, it is important to refer to the bolt label during fabric selection.

What Information Is On A Bolt Label?

Although there is no standardized format for fabric bolt labels, most labels contain basically the same information. Following are some things to look for on the bolt label before you buy or cut fabric to sew with your Janome 2212:

  • Brand, Fabric Name and Origin - The first thing you will notice on most bolt labels is the brand name and pattern or color name or number assigned by the fabric company. At the bottom of the label, you will also see the country where the fabric was produced.
  • Fabric Width - Under the brand and pattern names, you will see a number and unit of measure. Fabric sold in the U.S. is listed in inches. This number indicates the full width of the fabric, selvage to selvage, once it is off the bolt and spread out.
  • Fiber Content - Fiber content denotes what the fabric is made of. This is especially important since some projects created on Janome sewing machines may require a specific type of fiber. Project patterns usually include recommendations as to what type of fabric is suitable in order to achieve the best results
  • Fabric Care Instructions - This is another essential bit of information that you will want to look for because some fabrics require special care before or after they are sewn on sewing machines like the Janome 2212. Instructions on how to wash and dry the fabric and what detergents or chemicals are safe to use are included. Some labels suggest pre-washing or say that shrinkage could occur. The decision as to whether or not to pre-wash should be made based on known fiber content and how the fabric will be used.
  • Price - The fabric cost per yard is also listed and is something else to consider.

Bolt Label Tips

Before selecting any fabric, be sure to read the bolt label thoroughly and make sure your choice is suitable for the pattern. Consider limitations based on fiber content and special care instructions. Make sure the fabric is wide enough for your needs. When buying fabric by the bolt, always keep it on the bolt with its correct label. If you buy by the cut, snap a quick photo of the label so you will have the information later.  

Before buying any fabric for projects to be sewn on quality Janome sewing machines, always pay attention to the bolt label and the important information it holds. Reading the bolt label provides you with all the information you need for proper fabric selection and care based on the pattern used. With the right fabric, you should find success with any project sewn on sewing machines like the Janome 2212!

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