Quilting, whether done by hand or sewn on quilting machines like the Janome 8200QCP machine, is definitely a labor of love. The process can be tedious and time-consuming; however, the end results are well worth the effort, and a source of creative pride. Beginners may find quilting to be a challenge at first; with practice, they will become more proficient and enjoy their projects even more. Still, the best way for beginners to learn more quickly, and get the best results with their projects is to follow the suggestions handed down from more experienced quilters.

  1. Learn to Use the Sewing Machine First - The process itself can be complex enough for beginners, without having to deal with additional learning challenges. Keeping this in mind, those who are just starting off should take a class and learn how to proficiently use both sewing and quilting machines, including Janome machines, before attempting to make a quilt. This will greatly reduce frustration and ensure that the finished project turns out well.
  2. Always Use 100 Percent Cotton Fabric - 100 percent cotton is the most preferred fabric for use in quilting for many reasons. It is durable, available in many patterns, and fairly inexpensive. More importantly, by always using 100 percent cotton, fabric pieces will always look and behave the same for the entire project.
  3. Buy All Fabric For A Project At Once - When buying fabric, always purchase all the fabric necessary to complete the coverlet at the same time. This reduces the possibility that a certain fabric could become unavailable before the project is finished. It also allows quilters to view all fabrics and colors together to make sure they actually work well together. Once fabric is cut at the store, it usually cannot be returned.
  4. Dedicate A Large Workspace - To avoid damaging a project while it is in progress, or losing fabric pieces, it is important to have a suitable workspace dedicated to quilting. This space should preferably include a large table where a sizeable cutting mat and ruler can be left ou; and a sewing table to hold Janome 8200QCP Machines, or other quilting machines. For most convenience, keep workspaces clean and free of clutter.
  5. Change Rotary Cutter Blades for New Projects - Rotary cutters are another essential accessory, since they make cutting quilt pieces easier and more accurate. To ensure a clean, precise cut every time, put in a new cutting blade at the start of every new project. With all the use they receive, blades can become dull and less effective, damaging fabric and cutting less accurately.
  6. Prepare Bobbins Ahead of Time - Another simple frustration that is easy to avoid is running out of bobbin thread. Before beginning the project on Janome or other sewing machines, load a half dozen or so bobbins in the necessary colors so they are handy.
  7. Buy the Right Presser Foot - Quilting involves piecing many small pieces of fabric together with standard, quarter inch seams. Save time and effort by purchasing a one-quarter inch presser foot for sewing and quilting machines.

Whether a beginner just learning on Janome machines such as the Janome 8200QCP or for even a more experienced seamstress, these tips can make the quilting process less frustrating. In addition, while getting more comfortable with sewing and quilting machines, beginners can start to develop their own timesaving habits and preferences. These are just a few helpful tips offered by those who have many years of experience behind them and have learned from their share of quilting mistakes!

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