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Learning to use sewing machines to create beautiful handmade clothing and other items takes time. You want to learn the basics and develop good habits from the start. To achieve quality results from Juki sewing machines like the handy Juki HZL-DX7, remember the easy but important tips shown below.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned sewist, you can avoid many common problems and find greater enjoyment in sewing by paying attention to these small details.

When In Doubt, Rethread!

Anytime sewing machines start behaving in an odd manner, it is time to stop and try to determine why. Skipped stitches, uneven tension, bunching fabric, and broken thread are all common problems that require attention. Of all the things that could be causing a problem, start by rethreading your machine. You may be surprised at how many times this will take care of an issue so you can continue sewing.

If rethreading does not fix your problem, move on to explore other possibilities like thread tension, lint in the machine, a bent needle, or problems with the bobbin.

Use Tape To Your Advantage

Keep two simple items handy in your accessory kit: clear magic tape and masking tape. Use the magic tape for marking on when working with fabrics that could be stained by marking pens. Mark the tape, then just peel it off afterward. Masking tape works great as a guide for keeping topstitching straight.

Start Off Stitching By Hand

Starting a new row of stitches can be tricky, especially if the fabric wants to slide or shift. Avoid this problem and ensure your beginning stitches go in exactly where you want them by hand-cranking your Juki HZL-DX7. Once you have the first three or four stitches in place, you can let the machine take over.

Pause to Press

As tedious as this may be, always stop to press seams when you sew. Pressing flattens thread and seam fabric as well as prevents thread puckering. It also makes stitching the next rows easier. You will find that by doing this, seams will be crisper and cleaner.

Stitch Neat, Professional Corners

Stitching around corners can be tricky and look messy if not done properly. A simple solution to this problem when working on Juki sewing machines is to slowly make the last few stitches in your row, then end with the needle down. Lift the presser foot and turn the fabric around the needle, set the presser foot down again and continue stitching.

Save Your Scraps

Never throw away fabric scraps. There are plenty of ways you can use fabric scraps from your projects, such as trying out new stitches to working out the bugs on your machine. Testing things on scrap fabric first prevents mistakes and waste.

Sew Slowly

The quickest way to sew crooked seams and create a messy project is by sewing too fast. High-speed stitching can also be dangerous. Slow down and use your machine at a relaxed pace that allows you to maintain control. You will spend less time correcting your mistakes and be much happier with the end results.

As simple as some of these tips may seem, sewists who have been working on sewing machines for years can attest to their value. By adopting these habits, you can expect outstanding results whether using a machine like the Juki HZL-DX7. Sometimes it is the little details that can make the difference when creating a project on a quality Juki sewing machine!

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