Creating beautiful projects with embroidery machines is something that many people aspire to do. The first requirement in doing so is having the right equipment, such as the Janome MC14000. The second requirement is learning how to use the equipment, which may not be as easy for some. As a result, there is a considerable demand for skilled, certified instructors who can teach both online and offline machine embroidery classes.

Teaching Machine Embroidery to Others

One of the best reasons why anyone should consider becoming a certified embroidery instructor is to share a common passion with those just starting out. Decorative stitching is something that many people admire under the assumption they could never do it themselves, which is far from the truth. With the right instruction, anyone can learn to use the Janome MC14000 just like any other sewing machine. Many just need the guidance of someone more experienced who can show them the way.

Teaching Opportunities Online or Offline

Like many hobbies, machine embroidery can be taught in person or online via video classes. Some sewing shops and machine retailers look for certified individuals who can teach educational classes right in their shops. Other retailers and many certified instructors offer their own online video classes for those who would rather learn from the comfort of their homes, in front of their own embroidery machines. In either case, there are many teaching opportunities for experienced embroiderers to help others learn this fascinating art form and earn an income while doing so.

Other Reasons to Become Certified

While it is true that anyone can teach others how to do something they really enjoy  certification offers a number of benefits to embroidery machine instructors. Most importantly, it assures employers and students that their teacher is knowledgeable, experienced, and knows how to teach a class. Shops and brand companies are more likely to hire a certified instructor; some may even require it. People are more likely to enroll in an online course offered by someone who is certified at the skill they will be teaching. Some certification programs help their graduates find employment with retailers, crafting organizations, and other groups looking for experienced instructors.

Besides creating more employment opportunities, certification ensures that instructors are trained in how to actually teach embroidery machine classes and help students get the most from such classes. Many certification courses also teach how instructors can build a business with their skills, including how to market themselves online and offline and how to be competitive in areas where there may be a number of other instructors.

Certification as an embroidery machine instructor does require the initial investment in a good certification program, but as demand for skilled craftspeople grows, it can be a fruitful investment. As more people become interested in using the Janome MC14000, the demand for individuals who can teach this skill also increases. Those who are especially skilled on their Janome embroidery machines, or simply enjoy teaching others how to sew, should consider becoming certified today!

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