Sewing machines use two thread sources to make stitches, the top spool and the bobbin. The bobbin is set up underneath the needle plate, while the main spool of thread sits on the top of the machine on a spindle. Before beginning new projects, sewists need to prepare their bobbins by loading or winding them with the thread needed for the project. Follow these simple tips to learn how to easily wind bobbins for Janome sewing machines like the Janome Magnolia 7318.

Step 1 - Set Up the Main Spool

Bobbins are wound with thread from the larger spool of thread selected for the project or another spool of a contrasting color. To begin, set up the spool as normal on the machine and pass the thread through the first thread guide. Rather than continuing on through the other guides for normal use, look for the bobbin tension guide and wrap the thread around it. On most sewing machines, the upper thread tension holder is located between the main spool spindle and the winding mechanism.

Step 2 - Take Out and Set Up the Bobbin

Remove the bobbin case from the bobbin housing and pop out the plastic or metal bobbin. If possible, use an unused bobbin to wind the new thread. If the only bobbin available is the one just removed from the bobbin houstin, remove any old thread first.

Pass the end of the spool thread through the pinhole in the bobbin from the inside to the outside, then push the bobbin onto the winding mechanism near the spool spindle. Place the thread in the bobbin winder tension disc, as this will keep the thread taut while winding. Disengage the needle, which is usually a control on the hand wheel of most Janome sewing machines and other machines. This is done to prevent the needle from moving while winding the bobbin.

Step 3 - Wind the Bobbin with Thread from the Spool

Once the bobbin is on the winding spindle and the needle has been disengaged, push the winding mechanism into place as directed in the machine’s instruction manual. This engages the mechanism so it can be controlled by the pedal or knee lever. Hold the loose end of the thread sticking out from the side of the bobbin and lightly press the pedal to get a few winds of thread loaded. Hold the loose end until the thread is secure on the bobbi, then continue winding until the bobbin is full. With most sewing machines, the machine stops when the bobbin is full.

Step 4 - Remove the Full Bobbin and Thread The Machine

After the bobbin has been fully wound, push the winding mechanism back to the off position to remove it. Snip the thread close to the bobbin, remove it from the winding mechanism on the Janome Magnolia 7318. Thread the machine for regular use, load the filled bobbin into the bobbin case, and re-engage the needle.

When making preparations for new projects to be stitched on Janome sewing machines like the Janome Magnolia 7318, that first important step to wind the bobbin must be done before beginning to sew. Although it seems very unfamiliar when first trying to wind bobbins on sewing machines, it will soon become second nature and very easy to do. You will then be ready to begin stitching on your machine and have that project completed in no time at all!

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