The need for stitch clothing is something that will never go away, as clothing is a bare essential for humans. Now, you can either choose to hand stitch clothing or choose to buy a sewing machine and have it do most the work for you. We highly recommend you do the second option, as hand stitching can be exhausting and time consuming. Fortunately for the public consumer base of sewers, they have a few thousand sewing machines to choose from our extensive selection. So if you’re in the market to buy sewing machines, or just one, you’ll appreciate the variety our selection encompasses.

One of our hot sellers is our Bernina 830, which is an incredibly advanced piece of machinery. It also displays and exhibits a much larger working area than most other sewing machines. What this extra space does is allow for the user to become even more creative than they already are. You can extend its free arm to 40cm, which leaves an incredible 30cm of space to the right of the needle. When buying sewing machines, you should think of comfort before anything else, and that’s what the Bernina 830 provides. The user can really spread out with the free arm, permitting the ability to work on large quilts.

We love to make it easy for avid sewers to buy sewing machines, which is why we’ve become one of the most well respected businesses in our industry. We buy sewing machines from some of the best commercial companies and top manufacturers in the world. Our inventory exhibits every type of sewing machine possible, from beginner to advanced. Here at Sew Vac Direct, we make sure that our clients’ interests always come first!