Can We Ever Learn Too Much About Sewing Machines?

Sewing machines are fairly simple devices; yet they offer a world of possibilities for making useful and beautiful items. Available in many different types and capable of many functions, Janome sewing machines like the Janome MC14000 give sewists the power to make just about anything they desire. With so much to learn about the different machines from beginner models to more advanced and specialty options as well as to help guide sewists in choosing the right one, following are some features to be considered.

Sewing Machine Types

There are three basic types of machines made:  mechanical or manual models; electronic models; and computerized ones. Mechanical units require manual adjustment of all features and controls, while electronic versions are electronically adjusted and used. Computerized models have built-in memory chips that allow them to function like an electronic unit while keeping various functions and adjustments stored in memory for future use.

Among the three main types, there are many specialty models designed for universal sewing, quilting, embroidery, and serging. Each type has features that make creating clothing, quilts, and many other projects easier.   

Basic Machine Controls

All sewing machines work by using a few basic, yet essential controls. These include a pedal or knee control, a thread tension control, a speed control, a stitch selector, and a bobbin winder. Although these controls may be activated differently on the various types of machines, they all do basically the same thing on all models. Generally speaking, the more expensive the machine, the more automated control features it usually has.

Special Features and Accessories

Besides the basic straight stitch that all models have, some units like many Janome sewing machines, including the Janome MC14000, have additional specialty features built in. These may include an extensive selection of useful and decorative stitch patterns and various buttonhole patterns, built-in lights, automatic threading systems, adjustable presser foot tension, differential feed, reverse stitch function, and many more.

In addition, most of today’s machines accept a wide variety of accessories like specialty presser feet, buttonhole attachments, seam guides, and other items that make sewing easier and more convenient. There is a large selection of presser feet available that serve different purposes, from zipper feet and rolled hem attachments, to walking feet and gathering feet. There is a presser foot or accessory available to do almost anything.

Learning to Use A Sewing Machine

Beginners should always start out with a simple machine so they can learn basic sewing techniques and how to use all simpler features. It is important to understand things like threading and tension, how to wind a bobbin, and how to use adjustments before owning a more complicated, feature-full machine.

Sewists will find that the more they use their sewing machines to make items they like, the better their skills become. By using the right supplies and accessories and following proper techniques, those who enjoy sewing can upgrade to more advanced models as they tackle more complicated projects.

With so much variety in sewing machines today, the big question is always which one to choose. The decision should be made based on the type of projects a sewist enjoys making, their experience, and their budget. There are many great Janome sewing machines available for all skill levels and interests, including the versatile Janome MC14000. With the right machine, sewists can create amazing sewn garments and items every day!

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