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You can do remarkable things with sewing machines like the Janome 2212 when you have the right tools. One of the most important types of accessories to help you achieve great results with your sewing projects are presser feet. Available in many different standard and specialty types, the right presser foot can make working on Janome sewing machines a true pleasure. Try out the 13 presser feet referenced below and prepare to be amazed at how well your projects turn out.

1. Standard (or Zigzag) Foot

This is the standard universal presser foot that comes with all sewing machines. It is useful for a variety of stitches including straight stitching, zigzag stitching, and other forward motion stitching.

2. Straight Stitch Foot

The straight stitch foot is used for straight stitching only. This foot has a smaller opening than most of the other presser feet. This makes it ideal for stitching on fine, delicate fabrics like mesh and gauze. The smaller foot opening holds the fabric more securely as the needle moves through the fabric.

3. Zipper Foot

This is an important foot that also comes standard with most machines, including the Janome 2212. It makes adding zippers fast and easy. The foot has only one side so that it does not sit on the zipper itself while stitching. This allows the needle to stitch close to the teeth without interference.

4. Buttonhole Foot

The buttonhole foot is available in manual or automatic styles. These feet stitch around the four sides of a buttonhole to stabilize and finish the fabric. The manual foot is included with most machines. The automatic foot can be purchased for use on machines that have an automatic buttonhole setting.

5. Walking Foot

This type of presser foot is designed to "walk" over thick and/or multiple layers of fabric to prevent the fabric from shifting and ensure that stitches are made correctly. It is commonly used for quilt making or working with other types of thick, specialty fabrics.

6. ¼-inch Seam Foot

This ¼-inch foot is a smaller version of the standard foot. It has a ¼-inch edge and markings to make stitching a seam with a ¼-inch allowance easy. It is used mainly for quilting or anywhere else a smaller seam allowance is necessary.  

7. Roller Foot

The roller foot has small rollers on the underside that helps with the feeding of difficult fabrics. It is a great accessory when working with leather, vinyl, suede, and other types of "sticky" fabric that may not feed smoothly.

8. Teflon Foot

Also called a non-stick foot, the Teflon presser foot is another option for working with sticky fabric on Janome sewing machines. Made from Teflon plastic, the foot does not stick and slides over the fabric.

9. Gathering and Ruffler Feet

The gathering foot makes fabric gathers as the needle stitches. It can be adjusted to make different sized gathers based on the stitch length used. Ruffler feet work in basically the same way as gathering feet except they are more adjustable and make ruffles, which are more precise than gathers.  

10. Blind Hem Foot

This presser foot takes all the mystery out of stitching a hidden hem on clothing and drapes so the thread cannot be seen. It makes a series of stitches on both the inside and outside of the seam so that only a barely-noticeable intermittent stitch shows through on the finished side.

11. Pintuck Foot

The pintuck foot has small grooves on the underside to allow stitching that creates a decorative, raised effect on the fabric. They are available with various grooves ranging anywhere from three to nine and sometimes more. This foot is used with a twin needle and can create pintuck seams for use on clothing and other items.

12. Cording Foot

The cording foot is similar to both the pintuck and the zipper foot. It has a channel on the underside that slides over decorative cording and similar fabric trims, allowing the needle to stitch closely to securely attach the trim.

13. Freehand Foot

This presser foot consists of an open loop that the needle passes through and is used with the feed dogs down. It is designed for freeform quilt stitching to make beautiful freehand patterns with the thread and fabric.

With all these presser feet and more specialty types to choose from, you can handle a wide variety of techniques with quality Janome sewing machines like the Janome 2212. Sew smarter, not harder by adding these useful presser feet to your sewing accessories to use on sewing machines of all kinds!

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