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Learn Some Basic Facts About Digitized Embroidery!

Getting artwork from its initial concept to a finished stitched piece on fabric using a Bernette embroidery machine or even a Melco Amaya Bravo professional machine can be done by digitization.

Digitized art can either be designed on or transferred to a computer, then edited so it can be read [...]

What Do You Know About Machine Embroidery Thread?

Machine embroidery using Bernette embroidery machines and other comparable models involves a good deal of variables, from stitch patterns to stabilizer types and more.

One variable that is critical in the outcome from any machine like a Janome embroidery machine is your thread selection.

There is a lot to know [...]

Machine Embroidery – Essential Things To Know!

Embroidering with a personal machine like a Bernette or Janome embroidery machine can open the door to sewing creativity once you get the hang of this type of sewing.

It can be so much fun that you may find yourself eventually looking to upgrade from a sewing/embroidery combo machine to [...]

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