Melco Amaya Bravo Embroidery Machines Package C

/Melco Amaya Bravo Embroidery Machines Package C

Learn Some Basic Facts About Digitized Embroidery!

Getting artwork from its initial concept to a finished stitched piece on fabric using a Bernette embroidery machine or even a Melco Amaya Bravo professional machine can be done by digitization.

Digitized art can either be designed on or transferred to a computer, then edited so it can be read [...]

What Do You Know About Machine Embroidery Thread?

Machine embroidery using Bernette embroidery machines and other comparable models involves a good deal of variables, from stitch patterns to stabilizer types and more.

One variable that is critical in the outcome from any machine like a Janome embroidery machine is your thread selection.

There is a lot to know [...]