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The Joy of Beautiful Seams – Here Are Some Helpful Tips!

Nothing spells quality in sewing projects more than perfect seams. Yet getting perfect seams definitely takes some practice.

While there are quite a few different seams you can use in your projects, they all have one main thing in common - properly set-up sewing machines.

Regardless of what type of [...]

October 18th, 2018|Sewing Machines|

Some Great Tips To Sew With Suede Like The Pros!

Suede is a wonderful fabric to use for making trendy and fun garments, purses, and other items with quality Janome sewing machines. Like many specialty fabrics, there are some tricks to get great results when sewing suede with sewing machines like the easy-to-use Janome 2212. Keep these tips in mind [...]

October 4th, 2018|Sewing Machines|

Think You Know How To Top Stitch? Here Are 6 Insider Tips!

Topstitching makes a simple, yet attractive embellishment that can be easily done with all types of sewing machines including those without decorative or embroidery stitches. You can give a finished look to any project sewn on Juki sewing machines like the Juki HZL-DX5 as long as you do it the [...]

October 2nd, 2018|Sewing Machines|

Removing Bulk – The Difference Between Notches and Clips!

Curved seams can be a bit challenging to sew on sewing machines, especially when it comes to getting them to lay flat without bunching. Curved seams bunch up because the curve brings the fabric closer together, causing the seam allowance to overlap itself and create extra bulk.

If you want [...]

September 27th, 2018|Sewing Machines|

Arranging Your Sewing Space Part 2 – Supplies!

In this 2-part series about arranging your sewing space, the first article discussed the creation of useful space for sewing machines. We discussed the three main types of work furnishings you need for a great sewing space and how to position them.

Once your cabinets and workstations are comfortably arranged, arrange [...]

September 24th, 2018|Sewing Machines|

Want To Sew A Straight Line? There’s A Special Foot For That!

Did you know that one of the simplest and essential skills you need for working with sewing machines is often one of the most challenging ones? Chances are you know this if you’ve ever struggled to stitch a straight line. So what can you do about it? Avoid unsightly, wavy [...]

September 19th, 2018|Sewing Machines|

How To Decipher Your Fabric Store – And Actually Buy Fabric!

If you’re like most people who make fun and beautiful projects with sewing machines, heading to the fabric store can be an exciting adventure. With your list of fabric in hand, you head to your local craft or fabric store all ready to quickly grab what you need so you [...]

September 17th, 2018|Sewing Machines|