Quilting is a wonderful art form that is also a means of self-expression, whether it is done by hand or with quilting machines like the Juki HZL-F600. Quilting can also be frustrating at times, such as when the machine does not behave properly, or simply because of the repetitive nature required to finish a project. By following a few helpful tips, quilters using Juki quilting machines or other quilting machines can obtain the best results without the little frustrations that can detract from the positive experience of quilting. By trying some of the following tips, a quilter may be better able to relax and get even more enjoyment from their quilting project.

Keep Your Machine Clean and Maintained

Nothing ruins the joy of working on a quilting project faster than having to deal with sewing machine problems. To avoid these issues, quilting machines should be frequently taken apart and given a good cleaning. Any sewing machines should be oiled regularly after each cleaning and routinely checked to ensure that all the parts seem to be working correctly.

Use A Good Work Space

Another important factor in getting the most enjoyment and best results from quilting is to have a suitable work space. Make sure work spaces are large enough and free of clutter, with good lighting. Having a good space to spread out will drastically reduce mistakes, damage to the project, and associated frustrations.

Use A Neutral Thread for Piecing

When piecing quilt tops, it is much easier and faster to sew all pieces with the same neutral color, than to continuously change the thread. This provides greater efficiency when piecing with Juki quilting machines, which could otherwise be very time-consuming. It can also give a greater sense of satisfaction when the pieces start coming together more quickly.

Finger Press Pieces When Possible

Rather than using the iron and board every time, finger press smaller pieces at the machine to reduce the amount of time required away from the sewing machine. Run a fingernail over the seamline to crease the seam allowance open. Go back later to iron multiple smaller pieces all at once.

Quilt by the Task

An efficient way to prepare and sew any quilt is to do it by the task. Cut pieces first, working until all necessary cutting is done. Then sew pieces into multiple small blocks or units using a Juki HZL-F600 or other quilting machine. Once the smaller blocks are made, follow by stitching the blocks into larger ones, continuing on until the entire quilt top is completed.

Divide Work Into Manageable Time Segments

To keep order and also keep quilting projects more manageable, divide work into smaller segments that can be completed in one sitting. By dividing the whole project into many smaller projects that require only 10 to 15 minutes at a time, it is easier to find a few minutes here and there to quilt. This will bring a gradual, continuous progression with the quilt, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do next.

To get the best results, quilting should never be rushed; however, there is nothing wrong with saving a little time here and there. Using these smart, timesaving tips, anyone quilting on Juki quilting machines like the Juki HZL-F600 or any other quilting machines can use their time more wisely and get more enjoyment from their project!

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