Many kids become interested in using sewing machines after seeing adults use them or developing the desire to make their own projects. Sewing is a great creative activity for kids to learn; however, it requires the right equipment, such as the easy-to-use Janome 2212 so that projects can be done simply and safely. Before buying Janome sewing machines for youngsters, parents should read the following information in order to understand the qualities a machine should have to provide safe use, yet encourage creativity and personal expression.

Start Out Simple

Kids just learning to sew need a machine that is easy to use, one that is not too overwhelming with a lot of bells and whistles. While those units are great to eventually use, it is best for those just starting out to use a simple model designed for beginners. Basic models are much less expensive than fully equipped ones and are also more safe for kids to use while still providing all the functions required to learn machine sewing. Once the child improves his or her skills on a simpler model and interest in sewing grows, investing in a better-equipped model is suggested.

Consider Safety

Sewing machines can be dangerous when not used properly. This is a prime consideration when shopping for the right model for kids to learn on. Once again, the best machine for kids and beginners is a simple one that performs basic functions without too many confusing controls and extra features.

Most beginner or children’s machines include things like speed controls, auto stop features, and finger guards to reduce injuries and frustration. These models are usually smaller and easier to operate than other fully-equipped models. The goal of using a beginner machine is for the child to become skilled at safely performing all basic sewing functions before moving on to a more challenging model.

Get A Real Machine

Although safety must take priority when choosing machines such as a Janome for kids, nurturing a developing interest in sewing comes from using real equipment. Cute mini machines that more like toys than the real thing are generally not worth the few dollars that they cost. These units look better than they work and often result in frustration rather than creativity. To truly learn how to sew, kids need access to real sewing machines like the Janome 2212 or they may end up frustrated to the point of giving up on sewing altogether.

Buying A Great Beginner Machine for Kids

By taking all of the points above into consideration, finding a beginner model that fits these and other needs is the best kind to buy for kids. A standard model that performs all the basic functions and includes basic accessories, like an all-purpose presser foot and a user manual, is generally the best choice. The safety features mentioned above are another important inclusion, as are any necessary supplies like a sharp pair of scissors, a cleaning kit, pins and a pin cushion, etc.

Consider durability and the types of projects a beginner machine can be used for, then select the model that seems most suitable. Even though beginner machines are much less expensive than many other types, be sure to invest in the best option available so kids get a reliable unit.

When children show interest in a hobby like sewing, it is easy to encourage them with the right supplies. Before investing in top of the line Janome sewing machines, parents should consider their child’s skill level and try a good beginner model like the Janome 2212. Learning basic sewing skills on simpler and safer sewing machines is what paves the way to real sewing creativity later on. It will all hopefully develop the excitement that comes with learning new skills and a new hobby!

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