It’s already fall and if you’re someone who creates beautiful things using a sewing machine, do you know what that means?

It means it’s time to start working on all those wonderful home-sewn Christmas presents you plan to give this year.

What’s that? You own a great Janome sewing machine and don’t know what to make for this holiday? Well, look no further!

Here is a fun list of ideas for you to sew with your Janome 2212 or any other quality Janome sewing machine. Choose a few and get started right away so all your gifts are done in time for Christmas.

Personalized, Themed, or Holiday Quilts

Quilts in all shapes and sizes are a favorite gift to give to loved ones and special friends. Whether you decide on a wall hanging or a quilt made to actually be used, a quilt makes a timeless and very thoughtful gift that shows the receiver how much you care.

Quilts do require a good amount of planning and effort, so you should start your quilting project as soon as possible so you have enough time to get it done.

You can choose a holiday theme or some other idea, like a memory quilt or a baby quilt for an expected addition.

Quilts made on Janome sewing machines are very meaningful and special gifts.

Tote and Lunch Bags

Home-sewn tote bags are a quick and easy gift to make using a machine like the Janome 2212. Not only do they stitch up fairly quickly, you can also easily personalize them.

Similarly, personalized lunch totes are another great idea if you’re sewing for kids or anyone else who carries their lunch and could use a cute means of doing it.

Soft Toys for Kids, Pets, or Anyone!

Soft and stuffed toys are a common gift for those close at heart or anyone else. Even pets like soft toys.

The great news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying a commercially manufactured one when you have a sewing machine.

There are tons of patterns available now for all kinds of toys, from the classic stuffed bear or animal to soft squeezy balls, toy cars, and other types of toys.

They make a great smaller gift for any child, coming together pretty quickly when you work on a quality Janome machine.

Handy Kitchen Gifts

There are lots of great things you can make for the baker or chef in your life with your Janome sewing machine. Best of all, these are items that will definitely see a lot of use.

Simpler ideas include decorative kitchen towels, hanging hand towels, and potholders. A set of oven mitts is another fun gift that you can sew up in an afternoon.

For the more serious foodie, you can really wow them by sewing a custom apron using an appropriate decorative fabric or customizing it with an applique, monogramming, or other personalization.

These are welcome holiday-themed gifts, too.

One of the best things about owning a Janome sewing machine like the Janome 2212 is the amazing home-sewn gifts you can make with it.

With Christmas right around the corner and all the holiday fabric out on display in the sewing machine shops, now is the time to get started if you haven’t already.

These ideas make fun and useful gifts that you can tailor to just about anyone on your holiday gift-giving list!

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