Sheer fabrics are beautiful and delicate; they can be used in many ways with Janome sewing machines. Because they are all very similar, it is easy to get sheer fabric like chiffon, organza, and tulle mixed up.

Achieving great results with machines like the Janome HD3000 requires the ability to identify these different types of sheer material and knowing how to use each of them properly.

Learn about these three similar fabrics so you will know how to best use them when making things on sewing machines so that your projects come out the way you expect.


Chiffon is an airy, soft, and sheer fabric that is made from either silk or nylon. It is quite fluid and drapes beautifully, making it a favorite choice for skirts, dresses, scarves, wedding dresses and veils, and any other flowing garments. It is available in many colors and patterns.

Chiffon is smooth and slippery with its very fine weave. It also offers a bit of stretch and resists wrinkling fairly well. Garments made with this material usually need a lining since it is very transparent.

Because of its slippery nature, chiffon can be challenging to use when using Janome sewing machines and requires a steady hand. It also snags fairly easily and will fray if the raw edges are not properly finished.


Organza is a lightweight and nearly transparent fabric made from silk, polyester, or nylon. In comparison to chiffon, organza is considerably more stiff and crisp because of the way it is woven. It is smooth and shiny but with more body than chiffon, giving it a stiffer drape.

Organza is available in many colors and a favorite for gowns and wedding dresses. It can also be used as a lining under other lightweight fabrics that need more body and support. Organza has no stretch. It is also easier to press and less likely to suffer heat or water damage from being pressed.

The biggest challenge of using organza has less to do with working with it on your Janome HD3000 and more to do with using it appropriately. As beautiful as it may be, it is quite stiff and wrinkles easily. You should take this fact into consideration when choosing organza for any project.


Tulle, which is also known as silk mesh, is a transparent sheer fabric that looks like tiny netting. It is made from woven or knit silk or silk mixes and is not as stiff as organza but somewhat stiffer than chiffon. Tulle is used mainly for veils, puffy skirts, as well as skirt and dress slips, petticoats, and overlays.

It has considerable stretch, good body, and drapes nicely. Various grades of tulle are also used for lingerie, layering garments, and dancewear such as ruffled tutus.

Because tulle is stretchy, you must be careful when sewing with it on personal sewing machines. Otherwise, it is fairly easy to work with. The only other notable issue with tulle is that some grades can be scratchy.

Beautiful sheer fabrics like chiffon, organza, and tulle are fun to use to make elegant and stylish garments on Janome sewing machines. To get the results you desire, it is important you know the various qualities of these fabrics and how each should be used.

The right choice of sheer material helps ensure that your time spent working on sewing machines like the Janome HD3000 is well spent and your garments look amazing!

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