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A professional-looking hem can make any garment created on home sewing machines look as good as those mass produced and sold in store - maybe even better. While it is possible to make a simple hem with many all-purpose Janome sewing machines, the best hems are made using coverstitch machines like the Janome 1000CPX.

Why would you want to have a separate machine just to do hemming? Once you understand the simplicity that a coverstich machine offers, you will see how such a sewing machine is a worthwhile investment if you make a lot of clothing and other items that require hems.

The Advantage Of A Coverstitched Hem

Although hems can be made on any sewing machine other than a serger, those made on coverstitch machines are preferable over the ones made on standard ones. This is because coverstitch machines like the Janome 1000CPX use multiple threads and needles to produce a looped, serged hem that is more durable and flexible than one made with a single line of straight stitches.

Almost all factory-made garments of any price are hemmed using coverstitch machines, as these hems look more attractive and hold the fabric together better. Given this fact, garments sewn at home will not only look better but be more durable and functional with hems made on a coverstitch machine.

Making A Hem on A Coverstitch Machine

Sewing hems using coverstitch machines is actually no different than doing so with standard Janome sewing machines, with the exception of dealing with the thread ends. The main difference is how the stitches are interlocked by the machine to create a secure, yet flexible seam. You simply fold under the fabric, set the folded fabric under the presser foot on the machine, then sew from the top side.

You should always begin stitching on the fabric and end the hem before reaching the end of the fabric, as coverstitchers do not produce an end chain like a serger does. Instead, just draw out a tail and clip the threads as usual, then thread them under the looped stitches on the underside of the fabric  - it's as simple as that.

Make Different Types of Hems With A Coverstitch

Coverstitchers like the Janome 1000CPX also have the option to use different stitch types to create attractive and functional seams. These machines have as many as three needles, which can be used to make a variety of attractive and decorative hem stitches depending on each particular project.

You can make: a two-needle hem, which is the most common hem used on clothing; a fancier three-needle hem; or a decorative chain stitch hem, all with the same machine. These stitches are produced so they are interlocked together on the back side of the fabric and will not unravel.

Before you decide that you have no need for coverstitch machines like the Janome 1000CPX, think again. These affordable Janome sewing machines give you the ability to make garments and other items look like those sold in stores. Best of all, your items will wear well with hems that flex and stay intact from quality hemming. Cover hems are the best choice for wearables and other projects that need a functional and attractive hem!

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