Today’s sewing machines give you countless ways to embellish your sewing projects, from the use of fancy threads and functional presser feet to using built-in decorative and embroidery stitches.

One embroidery-like method that more advanced sewists can do with many Juki sewing machines is bobbinwork, a unique technique that gives dramatic and creative results!

Never heard of it?

Well, check out this little primer on bobbinwork and how incredible it can be and let it whet your interest in this creative new way to use decorative threads and ribbons at your Juki Sewing Machine and Arrow Sewing Cabinet!

What Is Bobbinwork?

Bobbinwork is an advanced sewing technique that involves creating beautiful stitch effects on the right side of a project by adjusting how the bobbin is used from the underside.

Technically, the stitching is done on a sewing machine with the pattern upside down, so the bobbin thread shows up on the top.

In this manner, it’s possible to create unique effects using specialty threads and trimmings that are too large to pass through the needle by instead winding them onto the bobbin!

How Is It Done?

Bobbinwork can be done using normal machines like Juki sewing machines as long as you have a specialty bobbin case to use.

Designed to allow you more ability to adjust the thread tension, these bobbin cases have a longer screw than the standard case so you can accommodate thicker, wider “threads” that can flow freely out of the bobbin.

In addition to the specialty bobbin case and bobbin adjustment so your specialty thread can be pulled freely from the bobbin, it requires some tightening of the top thread tension.

Using this technique, the top thread just slightly pulls the bobbin threads through the fabric, something that usually indicates a tension problem on your sewing machine when making regular stitches but creates a beautiful decorative effect with bobbinwork.

Why? Because bobbinwork is done with the project right side down on the machine so that technically the top thread actually ends up on the bottom and vice-versa.

Once the stitching is done and your project turned back right side up, it’s the decorative bobbin thread that remains visible with the top thread holding it from behind.

What Can You Do With Bobbinwork?

The beauty in doing bobbinwork with your Juki machine mounted in an Arrow cabinet is that you can use gorgeous threads like metallic cords and yarns, shiny flosses, and even glittery ribbon to make fancy designs.

Pretty much anything you can wind around the bobbin and get to move easily out of the bobbin case will work.

In this way, you can stitch trims, decorative edge stitching, flowers, and other details on the front of your project in ways that look completely different than does decorative stitching with plain thread or even embroidery.

Bobbinwork -Take Your Sewing to New Heights!

Although it can be a little tricky to first learn, bobbinwork is an incredible technique that you can do with any sewing machine to achieve amazing effects.

Whether embellishing clothing, accessories, toys, or home decor, it’s yet another option for you to expand your skills and show off just what you can do with a fun and functional Juki sewing machine!