The word performance applies to many things, expressing a different meaning each time. In terms of fabric, performance refers to the specific types used to sew athletic wear on Janome sewing machines. These fabrics “perform” in ways that enable the wearer to move more comfortably and safely.

There are a number of categories of performance fabrics you can use when making exercise apparel and athletic wear with sewing machines like the Janome HD3000.

Traditional Performance Fabrics

There are a number of traditional fabrics used to sew performance clothing with sewing machines. Based on their various qualities, these are some of the most commonly chosen options for exercise and athletic wear:

  • Spandex - This is a lightweight, stretchy, and form-fitting fabric that is durable, comfortable, and high-performing. Made from Lycra blended with cotton, polyester, or rayon, Spandex is a great fabric for most types of performance wear.
  • Cotton - Cotton jersey and lightweight stretch denim blended with Lycra are great choices for lighter-weight performance clothing when a natural fiber is preferred. Cotton is odor and bacteria resistant, absorbs moisture, and is very easy to clean.
  • Polyester-Cotton Blends - Polyester is a durable synthetic fabric that makes a good middle-weight fabric for performance clothing when blended with cotton. It’s wrinkle-proof and comfortable; however, it offers less moisture absorption than cotton.

Compression Jersey Performance Fabrics

Compression fabric is a type of performance fabric used to make workout clothing on Janome sewing machines. With its compression qualities, this fabric promotes circulation and improves post-workout recovery. Compression exercise and athletic wear are typically made from a type of cotton jersey designed to incorporate some of the compression found in full compression garments like therapeutic socks and shapewear.

Engineered Performance Fabrics

Engineered performance fabrics are those designed to take the qualities found in traditional fabrics and expand on them in various ways. These fabrics add desirable traits based on how different exercise wear gets used and what factors are important for that use. Some examples of engineered performance fabrics that you can to make performance wear with a Janome HD3000 include:

  • Bamboo Spandex - More breathable than traditional spandex with moisture-wicking and UV properties.
  • Max-Dri Polyester Blends - Adds breathability and moisture wicking to the versatility of poly-cotton blends.
  • Tencel - A synthetic performance fabric that is extremely durable, soft and comfortable like cotton, and absorbent like cotton or bamboo spandex.

Tricot and Athletic Mesh Performance Fabrics

Tricot and athletic mesh are more specialized performance fabrics used for certain types of exercise wear. Tricot is a synthetic performance fabric that is dense and stretchy, making it very strong. It is a preferred fabric for swimwear as it repels moisture and maintains its shape while also being breathable. Athletic mesh is another synthetic fabric designed for breathability and moisture reduction.

If you are planning to sew workout wear, swimwear, or any type of performance wear with sewing machines like the Janome HD3000, performance fabrics such as those mentioned above are your best options. Designed with fit, comfort, and moisture handling in mind, you can make the most useful activewear with Janome sewing machines when you choose the right performance fabric!

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