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To get the best results when sewing quilts on quilting machines like the Juki HZL F600, it is important to have the right tools and accessories. High-quality quilting rulers are a sewing kit essential. Although any ruler will work, these rulers are specifically designed to make accurately measuring and cutting charms, tapes, and other quilt components easy.

Before cutting out any fabric to begin piecing a quilt top on your Juki quilting machine, assemble a set of the various rulers that will help the most.

Non-Slip Grid Rulers

The most important rulers, the ones you will use the most when cutting pieces for quilting machine projects, are grid rulers. They are made of clear acrylic and marked with measuring grids to help you align and cut fabric with the greatest amount of control. Those with non-slip backings that grip to the fabric are the easiest to use and reduce that they will move while you cutting. These are available in various square and rectangle sizes with different sized grids to fit your needs.

Hexagon and Half-Hexagon Rulers

If you are making a project that uses hexagons or half-hexagons, these rulers make the job of cutting angled fabric pieces easier. They reduce your need to create Y-seams when working with half-hexagons and ensure that all of your pieces are accurate so they fit together well.

Triangle Square and Half-Square Rulers

Similar to the hexagon and half-hexagons noted above, triangle square and half-square rulers help you measure and cut these shapes to create the perfect square. To be certain that your quilt top pieces fit together correctly for stitching on a Juki quilting machine, accurately squaring the pieces or cutting the right angles is critical. Make triangles and exact squares with ease by using these two rulers.

Dresden Rulers

The Dresden or pyramid ruler functions like the hexagon and triangle ones but with a pyramid shape. Dresden plates are triangular shaped pieces with shorter bases and longer sides. They stitch together beautifully to make wheels and other creative shapes. The way to achieve great results after stitching your pieces together with a Juki HZL F600 is accuracy in cutting the right angles.

Curved Rulers and Templates

Not every quilt is made from squares. If you are making one with circles or curves, cutting the right curve is as important as cutting the right angles. There are a number of rulers and templates available on the market to help you cut curves of all types and sizes so all of your curved pieces are identical.

If you want the projects sewn on Juki quilting machine to look their best, it is essential that your quilt pieces are cut accurately cut no matter what shape is needed. In addition to the basic grid rulers used to align and cut straight lines, add some of these specialty rulers to your sewing kit as needed. They will save time and reduce wasted fabric when you begin stitching pieces together on your Juki HZL F600 or other quilting machine!

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