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One of the most popular things to do with embroidery machines like the Janome MB-4S is create monogrammed items. People love to use and give clothing as well as other items that are personalized with the initials of the wearer or recipient.

There are many different styles of monogramming that can be sewn on various items, so it is important to use the correct format for all of them. By following established monogramming etiquette, machine embroiderers can create the most attractive and useful pieces with their Janome embroidery machines.

Single Letter Monograms

The most basic of all monograms is the single letter version, which can be used on just about any garment or item. Single letter monograms use the first letter of a person’s last name, typically stitched in some classic serif or script style font. A large, single letter in an attractive font that is stitched using embroidery machines with high-quality thread looks attractive on hats, shirts, sweatshirts, and even tote bags.

Triple Letter Monograms

The triple letter monogram is the classic monogram design used today; it can be done in a variety of ways using Janome embroidery machines like the Janome MB-4S. The most important detail about this design is the placement of the three initials, which differs depending on the monogram style used. Following are some of the common styles to follow:

  • Uniform Sized Letter Style - When stitching all three letters the same size, the initials should begin with the first letter of the first name, the middle initial next, and finally the first letter of the last name. By stitching all letters the same size, there is no emphasis on any of them. They appear the normal way that someone might write their three initials.
  • Larger Last Initial in Middle - The other way that three letter monograms are stitched is to make the last name initial larger and position it in the middle of the three. In this layout, the larger initial always indicates the last name; the other two initials can have different meanings. They may refer to either the first and middle initial of the wearer or the two first initials of a married couple. This format is also used for women who retain use of their maiden name, with their first initial first, the first letter of their maiden last name last, and the initial of the family surname the larger letter in the middle.
  • Variations on the Larger Last Initial - The middle, larger initial is always the last name in any triple letter monogram. In circumstances where there is more than one last name - such as when a person hyphenates their last name or if a couple keeps their respective last names, it must be handled differently. Typically, the single and larger last name initial is replaced by the two hyphenated initials of the wearer’s last name. When there are two last names without hyphenation, those initials should both appear larger and in the middle of the two first name initials.

Font Style

Monograms look great in various typefaces. Yet it is still important to choose wisely and consider the type of garment or item being initialed and how the letters will look together. Monograms are always stitched in capital letters. Some more basic fonts look well when aligned together; however, more decorative fonts like scripts may overlap or look too busy depending on how the font scrolls and swirls.

It is a good idea to see a sample of the letters together before stitching them on the machine to ensure they go together and are set with the proper spacing. Initials that look too busy together or are difficult to interpret should be stitched in a more legible font.

Monogramming with embroidery machines like the Janome MB-4S can be really fun and a creative way to put these machines to great use. It is important that sewists understand the standard ways that monogram initials should be presented when dealing with the various monogram types and layouts. Whether a single, bold initial is ideal for an item or a more complicated triple initial layout is desired, owners of Janome embroidery machines can use proper monogramming etiquette to stitch and create beautiful, personalized items!

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