Machine embroidery is a creative way to use thread to make beautiful works of stitched art on a whole list of fabric items like clothing, home decor, and personal accessories.

As wonderful as standard embroidery-stitched designs can look, they are certainly not the only type of designs you can create on an embroidery machine like the Melco Amaya Bravo.

If you want to stitch outside the box and get really creative with your embroidery, try these awesome project ideas and watch your embroidery really stand out!

1. Mylar Embroidery

Mylar is a thin, shiny fabric that has a metallic appearance and has become popular today for machine embroidery on clothing, bags, and other accessories - and it’s really simple to do.

Just lay a sheet of mylar over the embroidery pattern and stitch over it in a thread pattern and density that allows some of the metallic, shiny mylar to be seen from under the threads.

Using mylar, you can turn any standard embroidery design into a really unique and flashy one quickly and easily!

2. Applique Embroidery

Even though applique is its own form of embellishing fabric, you can really fancy up any normal applique pattern by stitching it with your Melco Amaya Bravo embroidery machine.

Rather than using a plain straight or zigzag stitch around the applique fabric pieces or even a satin stitch around the edges, use your embroidery machine to add extra definition to the applique fabric by stitching an outline design or line enhancements around and on top of the applique.

Embroidery can take your applique technique to the next level!

3. Painted Fabric Embroidery

Fabric painting is a fun and creative way of making literal artworks on your garments and other fabric accessories and items.

If you want to take an extra step and turn your fabric painting into something really special, add some machine embroidery on top of the painting.

Embroidered outlines and fill over painted fabric will give you yet one more new and unique way to create amazing embroidered items.

4. In-The-Hoop Embroidery Projects

In-the-hoop embroidery is another technique that takes embroidery done with a Melco Amaya embroidery machine to the next level of creativity that involves creating a finished item made from just the embroidery itself.

Examples of in-the-hoop embroidery are fully stitched embroidery pieces, embroidered ornaments, jewelry pendants, and even lace-like embroidered charms made by creating a stitch design in metallic or specialty thread on water-dissolvable stabilizer.

Once the stabilizer is rinsed away, you’re left with a formed design made only from the thread itself.

Pushing the Boundaries of Embroidery Creativity

If you’ve been doing machine embroidery for a while and are ready for something a little new and different, look into these and other creative ways you can use your Melco embroidery machine outside of the usual boundary box!

Whether you’re embellishing applique or fabric painting, creating flashy embroidered mylar designs, or you push the limits with In-the-hoop stitching, you can use your machine for so much more than you thought you could!