After spending all that time cutting, assembling, and sewing with your quilting machine, your beautiful quilt project is finally finished!

Now you just need a good way to hang it so everyone can see your handiwork and how well you’ve mastered machine quilting and using a machine like the Grace Q'nique 15R Midarm.

Try one of these easy and attractive ways to show off that quilt!

Large Quilt Sleeve Hanger

A basic, yet easy method for hanging a quilt of any size and especially a larger, heavier project finished on your quilting machine is using curtain rod hangers and a long dowel rod.

Stitch a sleeve on the back of the quilt that’s about 2 ½ in width and runs the length of the quilt, leaving the top half of the sleeve open on the two ends.

Slide the dowel rod through one opening and through the sleeve so it comes out the other side, then add decorative finials or balls to keep the quilt from sliding off.

Now hang the dowel on a set of decorative curtain rod hangers for all to see!

Small Quilt Corner Sleeve Hanger

If your quilt is a smaller one, use a corner sleeve hanger that hangs like a picture frame and hides the entire hanger.

For this one, cut fabric triangles that stretch a third of the width of the quilt from each corner, then stitch them on two sides onto the back of the binding.

Slide a dowel that’s an inch or two shorter than the quilt width into the sleeves so it’s visible in the middle of the quilt from the back, then hang it up with a couple of smaller mounting hooks or flush curtain hangers.

From the front, you won’t see anything!

Tabbed Quilt Hanger

When hanging a tabbed quilt made with your quilting machine, you can use the same method as the quilt sleeve hanger without adding the sleeve on the back of the quilt; just hang it by threading the dowel through the tabs.

A slightly fancier treatment using this method is to sew a tube of fabric that’s a bit longer than the dowel rod and sliding it on, then folding over the fabric on the ends and securing it with a brass tack.

Ruch the fabric equally, then slide your tabbed quilt on and hang on the curtain rod holders.

Quilt Ladders and Fences

A creative idea for displaying quilts that doesn’t involve hanging them on the wall is putting them on a blanket ladder or fence.

Once you take your project off the quilting frame and add the finishing touches, display it in long folds by draping it over the rung of a wooden ladder or even a section of fencing.

A segment of rustic split-rail or board fencing, whether real or imitation, is another classic-looking display for hanging multiple quilts to show off your machine quilting handiwork.

Blanket ladders can be bought from home decor retailers or you can find an old, antique barn ladder to prop against the wall where you can hang multiple quilts on it at once.

Show Off Those Quilts With A Creative Display!

You quilt because you love the creative process and the fun of using a machine like the Grace Q'nique 15R Midarm.

The satisfaction will be that much greater when you use one of these wonderful techniques to display all that hard work where they can be seen and admired.

Spend a few extra minutes and a few spare dollars to come up with the perfect hanger for all your quilting projects so your friends and family can appreciate your creative flair!