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People hoard all kinds of things. Many basements are filled with unused items that have long since been replaced, from collectibles to old furniture including old sewing machines. Are you a sewing machine hoarder? Have you added a number of other Janome sewing machines to your original Janome 2212 so that your sewing room is now overflowing? If this sounds like you, read here to learn why that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Are You A Sewing Machine Hoarder?

If you are like many sewists, you began by using a simple and easy-to-use tabletop model like the Janome 2212. You learned all the basics and made some nice things; however, your entry-level machine eventually could not do all the things you wanted to do. You purchased a newer, better model and kept improving your skills and widening your interests in what you liked to make.

In a few years, you became quite good at sewing, eventually needing a machine that could do specialty stitches, serging, and even embroidery. You saved up and finally brought home yet another machine.

Now you have a sewing room filled with multiple sewing machines. Some are older, some are newer, each one usually doing something different. Some of your machines may even be worn out from so much use, stashed in the basement because you no longer use them at all yet can't seem to part with a faithful friend. Can you see what has happened here? If this description fits, you just might be a sewing machine hoarder.

Why So Many Sewing Machines?

As much love as you may have had for your first of many Janome sewing machines, you have outgrown your Janome 2212 and even some of the others. Before adding yet another average machine to this hoard, stop and consider why you have so many units to begin with.

The most likely reason is because your skills have advanced and you are sewing more than ever. You now need certain specialty features and a machine that can handle a great deal of use. So -  you buy another machine!

Will You Ever Stop Hoarding Sewing Machines?

That is a hard question to answer. Will you ever stop sewing? Hopefully not! In that case, every sewist will always look at what is current and new, will always be tempted by a feature not currently in his or her sewing machine repertoire, and may decide to attempt a new sewing feature such as machine quilting or machine embroidery. Needless to say, that will likely involve another type of specialized sewing machine.

Do you need to get rid of any of your stash of sewing machines and declutter your home? If you actually still use any of those machines - keep them. Trust me that you'll find a use for them and be thankful you kept them! Just a thought: you could give your original Janome 2212 to a new sewist just starting out, perhaps a grandchild. Maybe you can volunteer at a local group that works with children to help them learn important life skills. What a wonderful way to share your love of working with Janome sewing machines!

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Sewing Machines