Like many of the other parts that comprise the garments you sew on Janome sewing machines, sleeves come in many shapes and sizes. Like other garment components, different sleeves are suitable for different uses and looks.

Learn about some of the more common sleeve types you can create on sewing machines like the Janome HD1000 so you can choose the best type of sleeve for your home-sewn garments.

1. Standard - The standard sleeve design used on shirts and garments for men and women are constructed by sewing the rounded head of the sleeve into to the sleevehole of the bodice of the shirt or garment. The sleeve head is adjusted to fit the curve of the armhole, then stitched to the bodice using sewing machines.

2. T-shirt, or Raglan - This is the most basic type of sleeve used on clothing, most notably t-shirts. These simple sleeves are usually short or mid-length and composed of only one piece of fabric that is sewn into the armhole and seamed underneath.

3. Cap - The cap sleeve is shorter and covers only the shoulder, making a "cap" at the top of the arm. It is joined similarly to how a t-shirt sleeve is but is much shorter.

4. Bracelet or Three-Fourths - The three-fourths or three-quarter sleeve is also popular for casual wear. The sleeve is set in like a t-shirt sleeve; it is longer and reaches to halfway between the elbow and the wrist, allowing any bracelets on the arm to be seen.

5. Bell and Pagoda - Two similar designs, bell and pagoda sleeves both attach to the armhole like a t-shirt sleeve and remain more fitted at the top, then open up to a flowing, bell-shaped bottom. Pagoda sleeves typically have two or three rows of fabric making up the wider bell.

6. Frill or Flute - These sleeves are constructed like a standard sleeve that extends to just above the elbow. At the elbow, a wider piece of fabric is then sewn on with  Janome sewing machines to create a frill or flute at the elbow.

7. Peasant, Puff, and Drawstring - A peasant sleeve is a simple, yet attractive version of a longer raglan sleeve. There is a gather at the shoulder and another gather at the end of the short sleeve. The two gathers allow the short sleeve to puff out. Puff sleeves are very similar to the peasant sleeve except they have a small button cuff at the bottom rather than gathers at the top and bottom. Drawstring sleeves are puff sleeves with a drawstring instead of a button cuff.

8. Dolman - This sleeve looks like a standard t-shirt or raglan sleeve and can be any length. The main distinction between this sleeve and others is its design as part of the bodice instead of a separate piece of fabric that is stitched on with machines like the Janome HD1000. So dolman sleeves have a seam at the top and bottom of the shoulder and arm.

9. Bishop - A standard sleeve with a wider and looser bottom along with a cuff, this sleeve is another style that gives a close fit at the top of the arm with some looseness on the bottom. Bishop sleeves are commonly used for blouses and dresses.

10. Juliette - This sleeve is almost the opposite of the bishop sleeve. The Juliette sleeve is loose and puffy at the top of the sleeve and the lower portion of the sleeve is fitted to the arm.

11. Cold Shoulder - This simple sleeve consists of a standard three-quarters or full-length t-shirt or raglan sleeve with a cutout at the top that exposes the shoulders. It is currently very popular for casual wear and some semi-formal garments.

12. Cape - Similar to bell sleeves, cape sleeve are loose and flowing. The main difference is how they widen starting right from the armhole all the way down the sleeve without any fitted areas.

Great sleeves sewn on Janome sewing machines can really add character to a blouse or dress. With so many style choices, you can create your own unique garment simply by changing the type of sleeve you add with sewing machines like the Janome HD1000!

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