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Free motion quilting using quilting machines like the Janome 8900QCP can produce some truly amazing results. With the right thread, Janome quilting machines can almost act as a sketching pencil to create intricate designs on the fabric. Get the best effect with free motion stitching by choosing the right thread for your project using these easy tips.

What Color?

The first decision you need to make when choosing thread for free motion stitching on quilting machines is the color. A complementary color that matches the fabric and blends in allows the texture created with the stitching to be the focal point. Light colors look best on light fabric and vice-versa. A contrasting color that shows up more puts a little more emphasis on the stitching itself.

Monofilament thread is clear and practically disappears into the fabric. Depending on the thread colors used and how you use them, many different effects can be achieved with your free motion projects.

What Fiber?

The three most common thread types used for free motion stitching with Janome quilting machines are cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton blends:

  • Cotton - A favorite thread for heirloom projects, it is strong, soft, and has a natural matte finish. It does generate lint during the sewing process, so you will have to clean your machine more frequently when using cotton thread.
  • Polyester - This is a smooth and slightly shiny thread that is stronger than cotton and does not produce any lint. It is recommended for quilts that will be frequently used. Polyester can sometimes cut the fibers of finer fabrics, damaging the quilt over time.
  • Poly-Cotton - A medium thread that offers the qualities of both types thread, it produces only minimal lint. It lasts a fairly long time on quilts used regularly.

How Thick?

Thread thickness or weight also impacts free motion designs stitched on quality machines like the Janome 8900QCP. Finer threads tend to disappear into the fabric, while heavier threads remain more visible.

Common thread weights used in quilting include a heavier 30-weight thread for piecing and finer 40 or 50-weight threads for free motion stitching. Experiment with different thread weights on your fabric so you get the effect you want.

How Much?

Quilting thread is sold in various size spools, from as few as 100 yards to thousands of yards per spool. Depending on the density of your stitching and the intricacy of the designs, you may need more or less thread. Since there is no real way to calculate how much thread you will actually need, estimate how much you need and purchase accordingly.

For best results when making free motion quilting projects on quilting machines like the Janome 8900QCP, it is important to choose the right thread. Select the thread fiber, weight, and color based on other project details to attain the desired thread effect. Using Janome quilting machines and the right thread, you will be amazed at the beautiful free motion quilts you can make!