The day has finally arrived!

It’s time to get your quilt set up and prepared for the last two steps in the quilting process: stitching the quilt sandwich together and doing the edge binding.

Like all other parts of the quilting process, getting the quilt sandwich ready requires attention to detail so that final stitching on a machine like the Q'nique 15R Midarm comes out perfectly.

Follow these simple tips to so your finished quilt looks stunning!&

1. Inspect and Ready the Top Quilt

Start preparing your quilt top to be mounted onto the quilt frame by going over it again to look for things like loose seams or anything that needs attention before the final stitching.

Pay particular attention to the edges and if there are seams that go all the way to the edge, baste them for a little added strength so they don’t pull while the top is on the frame.

If there are a lot of those seams, consider running a basting stitch â…›-inch all around the edge for added security.

Then go around the entire quilt top and clip off any stray thread ends sticking out through the top or around the edges.

2. Press and Square the Pieced Top

Press the quilt top flat to get out all the wrinkles and then using your quilter’s square, lay it out and square it up.

The angles should be right and the sides even for it to stitch properly on the quilting machine, so make any necessary adjustments now.

If planning to put a basting stitch around the edge to hold the seams tight, square up before you do that so you don’t cut off the baste area.

3. Choose and Prepare the Batting

With as many types of batting choices, selecting the right one for your project might take some consideration.

Think about how the quilt will be used, whether it will be washed a lot, and how warm and thick it should be to make an appropriate choice.

When you have, lay it out and cut the batting so it’s 4” larger than the top quilt on all sides to allow for it pulling in a bit once the stitching starts.

4. Make the Quilt Backing

The final layer to prepare before putting your quilting project on a frame to stitch with a Q'nique 15R Midarm is the backing.

Remember that the backing must be 4 inches larger than the batting on all sides or 8” larger than the quilt top on all sides.

Choose extra-wide fabric up to 110” in width or piece the backing together in two or three strips.

5. Double Check Everything

Before loading the layers on the frame for the quilting machine, double-check everything as this is the last chance to notice any problems.

Lay out the backing, batting, and quilt top; make sure everything is large enough, the top is square, and the three layers come together as expected.

If everything looks good, it’s time to put the quilt sandwich on the frame!

Careful Preparation Makes For A Perfect Quilt!

Preparing a quilt sandwich for machine quilting on a longarm machine can take some time; however, the final steps are critical to your quilt project.

Take your time, pay attention to little details, and don’t skip any steps.

After the three layers are loaded onto the quilt frame, it will be much easier to stitch it all together and wind up with a nicely squared, even quilt that’s ready for the final touch, the binding!