Straps are used on a variety of sewing projects and made from a number of different materials. Using sewing machines to make skinny straps constructed from the same fabric as the project is a great and inexpensive option and very easy to make. Anyone using Janome sewing machines, including all-purpose machines like the Janome 2212, can create a cute strap for their project in just minutes.

Start With A Basic Fabric Tube

The base of any skinny strap is the fabric tube from which it is made. Sewers must first determine how long and wide the strap should be. The fabric should be cut to this length, then cut twice the desired width plus an additional half inch to allow for quarter-inch seams. The fabric is then folded right sides together, the edges lined up, then pinned to avoid shifting while being sewn.  Using a Janome 2212 or any other standard sewing machine, one end of the tube is then sewn from the folded edge toward the open edge. At the corner, the fabric is pivoted and a one-quarter inch seam sewn along the open edges to create a long, inside out, fabric tube, leaving the second end open.

Turn the Tube Right Side Out

Once the tube has been sewn, it must be turned right side out. Although loop turners may work for this process if neither of the ends are sewn, a large medical hemostat actually works even better. The hemostat or loop turner is slid into the tube, pushing all the fabric up. The fabric is then looped or gripped at the end of the strap. The entire tube should be gently pulled through itself so that it turns right side out, ensuring the seam is now on the inside. Once again, the second end of the tube needs to be left unsewn.

Iron the Strap Flat

Once the fabric tube is right side out and the seams are neatly tucked inside, the strap should be ironed flat so it looks like a strap rather than a bunched and twisted tube. Unfortunately, ironing the tube so the seam is all along one side and the fabric folded along the other side can be more challenging than it seems. A great way to do this quickly and easily is to cut a long cardboard strip that is the width of the tube so it can be slipped inside. The cardboard is then slid inside the tube so the seam is on the side, then slid all the way up the tube to the end of the strap.

The cardboard strip inside the fabric is then ironed to flatten the tube, then slid down the tube and ironed again. This process is continued until the whole strap has been flattened. After removing the cardboard completely, the strap should be ironed again to get a nice, crisp press. Once the strap is pressed, the second end can be folded over and sewn closed as it will be attached to the project.

By using this simple and inexpensive method, anyone using Janome sewing machines or any other machine can easily make very cute skinny straps in no time at all. They only take a few minutes, yet skinny straps created on sewing machines are a nice alternative to nylon or other types of straps. Best of all, skinny straps are uncomplicated to make and can be sewn on any type of sewing machine, including the Janome 2212!

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