Sewing can be hard on the eyes, especially after the sun sets and all that natural window light is gone. Having proper lighting when working at any sewing table, including Arrow sewing cabinets like the Arrow 98701 Bertha White, is critical no matter what the time of day you want to sew.

When setting up your sewing furniture, consider these tips below on how to keep your space well lit to reduce eye strain and the mistakes you could make in poor lighting.

Natural Light Is Best

Natural, ambient light that comes through the windows during the day is the best working light. Even if you have overhead lighting, use natural light whenever possible as it provides great visibility while letting you see colors more naturally

If you have a choice of where to set up your sewing furniture, try to set it up in a room with windows that get a good amount of natural light. Put up bright, white shades that brighten it even more, evenly dispersing the light throughout your room to create a comfortable, well-lit environment.

Use White Overhead Lighting  

When you have no windows for natural light or the sun has already set, good overhead lighting is critical. Use white bulbs that brighten up the entire room and make your workstations and projects more visible.

White and ambient lighting together usually reduce the need to use task lighting when working at your Arrow sewing cabinet. After dark, use overhead lights and supplement with task lighting to improve visibility.    

Use Task Lighting At Your Sewing Station

In addition to overhead lighting, task lighting at a sewing table such as an Arrow 98701 Bertha White canwill also help illuminate your project. Even though many high-quality sewing machines include a light that shines over the needle area, it is best to expand this with adjustable reading lamps or task lighting designed specifically for crafting and sewing workstations.

These type of lamps give you the ability to bring the light as close or far as you need it so your project is lit perfectly.

Add A Magnifier For Close Up Lighting

When doing any kind of hand-stitching or close up work, a magnifier light is a great accessory to help you get projects done easier, without mistakes or eye strain. These lights include a circular magnifying glass to look through, along with a white, circular bulb that illuminates around the magnifier.

You get the benefit of both close lighting and a better view of your work. Magnifiers are available as individual task lighting or as attachments that can be added to some of the better available task lights.

Great lighting is essential when you are sewing at your Arrow 98701 Bertha White or any other grear Arrow sewing cabinet. A combination of natural, overhead, and task lighting that surrounds your sewing furniture ensures that you can sew comfortably any time of day or night. Finish your projects faster and easier and make fewer mistakes with proper lighting that brightens up your workspace!

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