Though clothing styles have changed dramatically throughout the years, there is one part of every sewing pattern that has remained the same - the envelope. More than just a picture of a beautiful garment that can be made on sewing machines like the Janome HD 3000, pattern envelopes provide essential information for every sewist.

Before choosing a pattern based on the photo alone, it’s important to understand the  valuable details that can be learned by reading the envelope. This is how to choose the best pattern to make and have the most fun with using Janome sewing machines.

Pattern Envelope Front

The front of any pattern envelope has a number of important details that should be used when choosing different patterns to make on sewing machines. Although the drawing or photo is most prominent and there may be more than one view of the finished garment, there is a lot of other information on the front of the envelope to consider:

Brand Name - Sewing patterns are available from 6 main pattern publishing companies, as well as many smaller companies. The brand name is usually positioned across the top of the envelope, sideways at the upper right side, or in both places.  

Pattern Number - Every pattern has a specific number. This number appears sideways at the upper right side of the envelope for easy reference along with the name of the design. It also appears on all pieces of the pattern, to make distinguishing pieces easier should they get mixed up with pieces from other patterns.  

Pattern Size - In addition to the number, the right sidebar on the envelope will also feature the sizes the enclosed pattern can be made in. There will usually be a range from the smallest size to the largest that can be made using that size option.

Pattern Envelope Back

On the back of any standard sewing pattern envelope, there is more detailed information to guide sewists in their pattern selection:

  • Sizing Chart - In addition to the pattern size on the front, the envelope lists a sizing chart on the back. This will help determine which pattern size should be used to make a garment that will correctly fit the wearer.  
  • Garment Information - Details such as finished garment measurements, notions required to make the item on Janome sewing machines like the Janome HD 3000, and other notes about sewing the garment will appear on the back of the envelope. This information provides directions on how the pattern should be used, any specific notes that must be considered before starting, and what should be expected from the finished garment.
  • Fabric Information - The envelope will also include important information about the fabric yardage required. It will usually also make suggestions on fabric choice to obtain the best results when sewing this specific garment. Number of Pieces - The number of pattern pieces that should be inside the envelope is also printed on the back. Some envelopes may include a flat view of all the pieces and details on the symbols used on the pattern.

It is essential that sewists refer to all of the above information when choosing patterns to make on sewing machines. Selecting the right pattern size, choosing the right fabric, and purchasing enough fabric before sewing on a Janome HD 3000 or other Janome sewing machines involves reading the envelope to find all those details. Sewists will be happier with their finished projects if they take the time to read the envelope and understand the information provided!

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