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If you make clothing using your sewing machine at home, you will eventually need to create a partial button placket. Button plackets are trim options you sew on a garment using Juki sewing machines like the Juki HZL-DX5. They support the buttons and give your clothing item a professionally finished look. Although they may look challenging to make, partial plackets are fairly easy to sew and involve only a few simple steps.

What Is A Button Placket?

A button placket is the layered, reinforced fabric on the button side of a button closure on a garment. Most shirts have them and so do some dresses and other garments. When correctly sewn on a sewing machine, plackets support the line of buttons and make a neat fabric closure when the garment is buttoned.

On a partial placket, the reinforced fabric may also add some style. A partial placket is a placket that goes only part of the way down the garment, such as on a button up, v-neck shirt.

Making An Easy Partial Placket

To make a partial button placket on a shirt or other garment using your Juki HZL-DX5, follow these easy instructions:

  • Cut Your Placket Pieces - Cut two long, rectangular placket pieces using the chosen fabric according to the length and width stated on the pattern. When cut correctly, one piece should be ½-inch longer than the other. Next, cut corresponding pieces of lightweight interfacing. This will add needed support to the sewn placket. The interfacing should be cut the same length and â…” the width of the placket pieces.
  • Get the Placket Pieces Ready for Sewing - Fold in the cut edges of the placket pieces so they are folded to half of the cut width, with the edges folded under; press the pieces. Turn the pieces over and lay the interfacing onto the wrong side, using the straight folded edges as a guide for positioning them in the middle of the strips. Press the interfacing to stick to the plackets. Unfold the placket edges and fold up over the edges of the adhered interfacing. Press again so the placket fabric encloses the edges of the interfacing.
  • Stitch the Placket Opening - Fold the front bodice piece in half with the fold positioned in the middle of the neckline where you want the placket. Press to make a sharp crease. Turn over the bodice and position a piece of interfacing the length of your placket over the middle of the crease. Press on the interfacing. Stitch continuously all the way around the interfacing with the standard straight stitch on all Juki sewing machines.
  • Cut the Placket Opening - After stitching completely around the interfacing, cut down the middle, stopping about ½-inch before the end. Make two diagonal cuts, one to each corner, being careful not to cut through the stitching. You should end up with a little triangular flap at the bottom.
  • Sew On the Placket - From the right side of the bodice, open up the cut flaps and pin on the pressed placket pieces by unfolding one side of the placket edge and pinning it to the cut edge of the bodice. Stitch the placket to the bodice, stopping just before the angled corner cut, then close the flap again and bring the placket around to the front. The interfacing will be on the inside now. Press the seam flat, then fold in the second placket edge and press again. With the second edge now folded in, stitch the second side of the placket down. Repeat with the other placket on the other side.
  • Close the Placket Ends - Once both sides of the placket are sewn on, tuck the two ends through the angle cut opening at the bottom so the ends are on the wrong side of the bodice. Pin the two ends together. Fold up the bodice so the two ends can be accessed alone and stitch them together. Once secured and sewn closed, the placket is finished.

Button plackets are another finishing touch that make garments that are sewn using personal sewing machines like the Juki HZL-DX5 look like they came right from the factory. Once you get the hang of doing this using your Juki sewing machine, you will be able to make all kinds of great looking clothing with these important trims and finishes!

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