A beautiful way to embellish any garment or project sewn on sewing machines is with a decorative border fabric. This beautiful type of decorative fabric can turn a plain garment into something truly stunning, as long as it is used in the right way. Eyelet or lace fabric can give the look of expensive embroidery, such as what might be possible with a Janome MC14000 machine, but in a much simpler way. By using standard Janome sewing machines, decorative border fabrics that may look complicated can actually be quite simple to apply.

Decorative Border Fabrics Add Style

When applied to any simple garment, finished eyelet, lace, scalloped and other decorative borders can transform that garment into something much more beautiful. The trick is to use a fabric that is produced specifically for the border edge, to be used as a finished edge. These fabrics are sold off the bolt like most other fabrics. Just look for the color, material, and border style that works best for the project.

How to Use A Decorative Border Fabric

Borders with scallops, eyelets, lace and other finished edges can look especially beautiful on certain types of garments. Still, it is important to remember that this kind of an embellishment is an accent and should not be overbearing. Consider the various places where border fabric will look best on the garment, such as along the bottom hem of a skirt, the sleeve cuffs or edges, along the bodice, or as straps, then create a good balance.

Stabilizing Decorative Borders Before Sewing

Eyelet, lace, and similar fabrics with fancy borders are frequently very light, airy, and sheer fabrics. Because of this, they may be a challenge to sew when using sewing machines and can also be too transparent for some uses. In many of these instances, stabilizing the border fabric by lining it with a fusible, woven interfacing fabric or with silk organza can help. The border fabric should be laid over the interfacing and pinned. The interfacing should then be carefully trimmed to the shape of the border fabric. Next, the fusible interface fabric can be ironed onto the back of the border fabric.

Sewing Decorative Borders After Stabilization

Once the trimmed interfacing has been ironed onto the border fabric, fabric pieces can then be sewn as normal with Janome or other brands of sewing machines. The stabilization of the softer decorative border will make it easier to stitch on a sewing machine and reduce the sheerness, while creating a stiffer fabric.

Decorative border fabrics are a great option for adding a stylish touch to any garments sewn with sewing machines. Eyelet, lace, scallop, and other border fabrics are great edging choices for dress and skirt hems, sleeves, necklines, and many other areas. Although these fabrics may mimic stitch effects possible on machines like the Janome MC14000, they are utilized much more easily. Properly incorporated, decorative borders sewn using Janome sewing machines can add an impressive, professional touch to any project!

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