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When making clothing on sewing machines, it is extremely important to transfer all pattern marks accurately. These little details mark important stitching and cutting points that can dramatically affect the fit of the final project if not properly transferred.

By using any one of the three great methods referenced below, individuals who make garments using the Janome Magnolia 7318 sewing machine and other Janome sewing machines can be sure all marks are transferred from paper to fabric exactly as indicated.

1. Transfer Paper and Tracing Wheel

The easiest and quickest way to transfer pattern marks such cut or stitch lines is using transfer paper and a tracing wheel. Working on a cutting mat, table, or any smooth and solid surface, lay the fabric flat on the right or wrong side as directed by the pattern, then lay the pattern on top. Pin the pattern to the fabric to prevent it from moving out of place and cut out the various pattern pieces.

Take each individual pattern piece and insert the transfer paper face-up to the wrong side of the material. Roll over dart, cut, or stitch lines with a tracing wheel to leave behind a faint mark from the transfer paper. Mark endpoints and other points by making a little ‘x’ with the wheel. Use a paper color that contrasts with the fabric in order to see the marks once it is time to sew the pieces together using a Janome Magnolia 7318 sewing machine.

2. Pencil and Pin Marking

Another simple method for transferring important pattern marks before stitching the pieces together with sewing machines requires just a sharp pencil and a straight pin. With the cut-out garment piece wrong side up, carefully lay the pattern on top and align it in the correct position. Holding the pattern in place, put a pin through a mark point and then lift up the pattern while leaving the pin in place. Before moving the pin away, mark it with the pencil.

Lay the pattern back down again and continue to mark any additional points in the same way. This method is quick and easy; however, it is best used for simpler patterns with only a few points to mark. It can also be done using tailor’s chalk or a washable fabric marker.

3. Thread Tacking

Thread tacks or tailor’s tacks are a more involved, yet secure way to transfer important marks from pattern to fabric before sewing on Janome sewing machines. When garment pieces have been cut out, thread a standard hand stitching needle with a long, doubled thread of contrasting color. Where indicated, push the needle and thread down and back up through the pattern and fabric pieces, creating a single stitch that is visible from the other side of the fabric. Cut the tails about 2 inches long, then move on to the next mark. Once all the marks are tacked using thread, gently remove the pattern and the threads remain on important marks.

By using any one of these techniques, a sewist can trust that their fabric is carefully marked with the important pattern points to ensure good results. Although many may be anxious to get started using their Janome sewing machines, it is best to slow down and take the time needed to transfer pattern marks correctly. In doing so, those using sewing machines like the Janome Magnolia 7318 sewing machine will not be disappointed in the end project!

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